Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I did something I swore I would never do again. I took Alise to Target with me again today. AFter our "Mother's Day Fiasco," I told myself, "Never again!!" However, we ate lunch at O' Charley's after church and I just wasn't quite ready for our regular Sunday afternoon nap and Alise seemed to be in a good mood, so we headed off to Target while Wayne went back to Home Depot. She was the perfect angel, thank goodness. No one seemed to notice us from the last time we were there together. I told her we were going to find Katie a birthday present, so she was all in to that. However, we didn't have any luck. We've been talking up Katie's party and I hope that everything works out that we can head to Alabama in July. I showed Alise the pictures from Mirya's blog that show her party supplies and birthday cake. This huge smile just spreads across her face. Oh, I have to tell you this! Tonight, after I finished frying some deer steaks for tomorrow's crockpot supper, I lighted a candle on the stove. Alise saw the lighter and what I was doing and she started hollering, "My birthday! My birthday candle." I had to explain to her that I was lighting a different candle. She continues to tell me and my mom and dad that her "party over." She is so smart!!

We stayed outside for about an hour this afternoon until the clouds and a quick shower rolled in. We played in the sand box and slid down the princess slide. Alise and I made chocolate chip cookies when we had to come inside. And, of course, there was always "Cinderella" to watch!

I wanted to introduce you to a new blog from a couple in our Sunday School class who have just adopted a 14 year old girl from Russia. I haven't had a chance to read the entire blog, but from what friends were telling me at church this morning, it is a wonderful story of God's divine plan for our lives. Kathy & John's love for another child is so heart-warming and a reminder to me of how blessed I am to be the mother of a precious little two year old. Read Kathy's blog and let me know what you think. The blog is

I've been wanting to post some pictures of Wayne's great work on the rent house next door. We are finally beginning to see the results and it looks SO good! I took some pictures today, but I just don't have time now to upload them. Check back this week.

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