Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No, Alise did not sleep in this morning. We were all up by 6:30 which makes for a very long day.

Wayne worked on the rent house all day painting the second coat of paint throughout, so Alise and I went to the library this morning and got books, CDs, and DVDs. She really enjoyed it. We haven't been in probably a year. I got a schedule of their summer activities. A magician and puppeteer are coming in July. Of course, the performances are during the day, but I might try to sneak away from work long enough to take Baby Girl to something fun like that! Mirya, we got one of those "froggy books" that you advertised on your blog. But Alise was so exhausted tonight, that we skipped reading altogther. I love to hear her say "library." It comes out, "liberry." Too cute!

Alise stayed with my mom and dad for a few hours this afternoon while I went and used the Kodak picture maker at CVS. I printed out 150 pictures of the birthday party!! I finally have pictures on my refrigerator again of Alise! The only picture I had up was of Katie!! Then, mom and dad came over to our house and we fried fish...Wayne had a hankering for some fried catfish. He did a really good job! Other than that, we didn't do much today. Oh! Alise and I did clean out her toy box and closets and drawers. I think I had about two garbage bags worth of stuff to throw away! I am so ready to get that changing table out of her room but Wayne won't let me get rid of it just yet. I've been thinking about the whole "toddler bed" thing and I think I have decided that we might try it at the end of the summer or early fall. Alise is still not trying to climb out of her bed, but I did take the bumper pads off last week (It's so much easier to put the sheet on, now!!) and I have been thinking about ideas for her new "toddler/big girl" room.

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