Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007 - Morning

You won't believe what just happened! Well, we just woke up for one thing! Alise started hollering for Moma. When I went in to her room, she had her diaper off. I was like, "Oh no....!" I asked her, "Did you tee-tee in your bed?" She said, "Uh huh!" I thought Great! I didn't have my glasses on, so of course, I was blind. I felt her bed and I didn't find any wetness, so I asked, "Do you need to go tee-tee?". Her diaper was still dry. She said, "Yes" so I put her on the big girl potty and she tee-tee'ed in the potty first thing this morning!! I was so shocked and impressed! She's never done that before!! I'm going to work on the whole potty thing today and see what happens. She asked to wear big girl panties, but I discouraged that because we're going to Oak Grove today. I'll keep you posted on how she does.

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