Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007 - Evening

As Alise and I were headed to Lake Providence to get some lunch (after we dropped Wayne off at the camp for his meeting), I realized how thankful I was for today. No shopping trip to the mall or pedicure could take away the joy I had of being together with my family, seeing those that we love and remembering those that we've lost. It was a wonderful day for us.

We kinda got a late start for our trip to Oak Grove to see Wayne's mom. I had to stop by the library and drop off Alise's DVDs that we had borrowed and we had to make a stop to take some bags of trash to the dump. Everyone in Monroe seemed to be at the dump and we had to wait in line forever! In the mean time, Alise had mentioned several times earlier about going to her "grandma's." I could tell she was really excited. We didn't make it to Ruth and Bill's house until around noon so we didn't get to stay long. I thought Wayne's meeting didn't start until 1:30, but it really started at 1:00. Molly, Bill's granddaughter, was there and she and Alise just clicked with each other! They played so well together. Ruth wanted us to leave Alise and come back and get her, but we weren't actually going back the same way and Alise had not eaten and it was also her nap time, so we decided to drag her off the trampoline with Molly and take her with us. I promised her that we would come back and see her "Grandma." She seemed fine with that and didn't throw a fit about having to leave. I was grateful for that!

I wanted to take Alise to the Ole Dutch Bakery in Lake Providence for lunch, but by the time we got there, they were no longer serving, so we had to get a Sonic hamburger instead. We had a "picnic" in the truck and ate our lunch. Wayne couldn't believe that I walked out of Ole Dutch Bakery without getting some cookies at the very least. Alise saw the donuts in the case and her eyes got huge. I wasn't sure she even knew what a "real" donut looked like...she only knows the white, powdery kind. I guess I should have at least bought her a "real" donut, but I didn't.

On the way back to pick up Wayne at the camp, I passed a sunflower garden and thought of Hollis. What a sweet reminder of him on this particuliar day! He loved sunflowers and so I decided that after we picked up Wayne, we would stop and take some pictures of Alise in the sunflower patch. On the way home, we stopped at the cemetary to visit Hollis' grave. I loved the shadow that the H made in the pictures we took. I tried to explain to her that Papaw Hollis was with Jesus, but she was more interested in the other statues that were in the cemetary...the horses and deer statues that other people had around their grave sites. We stopped by Ms. Nippie's grave and she wanted to play with the rocks, so that, of course, was an ordeal. How do you explain to a two year old that you don't play with dead people's stuff?

But we had a great day! Momma and daddy came over tonight and we had steaks. Alise gave Papaw his card and gift certificate. I also got to see her eat corn on the cob for the first time. I will try and post pictures of our weekend tomorrow night, so keep a check on us at That is, if I can manage to part with the Easter and Biedenharn garden pictures. Stay tuned.

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