Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

I talked with Marian, the director of Alise’s school, this morning about Alise’s transition from the “baby room” into the “big girl room” (The name of Alise’s new room is the “Polliwog Room.” Don’t ask because I have no idea!) She said that Alise is just doing wonderful and that she hadn’t had any problems with the change. Marian said Alise loves that she gets to sit at the table now and not in a high chair anymore for lunch and activities. Her little friend, Allie, moved up this morning, so I feel better that some of her friends are beginning to join her in her new surroundings. Of course, her best friend, Emma, is still in the baby room. Emma’s birthday is in August, so maybe she’ll be moving up at the end of the summer. Alise is still a little fussy in the mornings about me leaving her, but mostly it’s because she sees one of the other children crying and so she thinks she has to start. But probably, three days out of five, she is just fine.

The first thing out of Alise’s mouth this morning was, “Papaw coming?” I don’t know where that came from, so I told her, “No, sweetie. Remember, Papaw came over yesterday to borrow Daddy’s 4-wheeler? He’s not coming over today. We’ve got to go to school.” Alise has gotten so attached to her Nana & Papaw. She knows when we go to their house to look for the train at the railroad tracks. But I wish with all my heart that Wayne’s dad was still alive so that he could know his only granddaughter. He would be so in love with her!! I like to imagine her going with Hollis to check on the cows and see the sunflowers. She’d have a pair of pink rubber boots to go out in the field with him to check on the sweet potatoes. They would pick up pecans together in the front yard and he would show her how to use that crazy contrapment they call a “pecan-picker-upper.” I just know that she would follow him around like a little puppy dog and he would be absolutely in love. We’re planning on going to Hollis’ grave in Oak Grove on Father’s Day in a few weeks like we have for the past two years. I wonder how old Alise will be before she begins to understand the tragedy of death and how God chose to call her grandfather home before she ever knew him. What will we tell her? I like to imagine that Hollis has already met his darling granddaughter…he met her before Wayne or I even had a chance to hold her in our arms. I think God’s most precious gift to Hollis was letting him hold his granddaughter in his arms before He decided to give her to us. That’s how I like to imagine it.

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