Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007


Wayne is already teaching Alise how to drive. He came home tonight via the church parking lot and we were hanging out over there riding in Alise's pink push car. Alise decided she wanted to ride home with her daddy, so he let her steer on the way home. She thought she was something, let me tell ya!

Okay. So I had to break out the wooden spoon again. It's been in the kitchen drawer for about a month. But something happened this weekend and momma and Baby Girl just snapped. I haven't had to actually use it, yet, but I've threatened her life with it! You should have seen me chasing her around the living room tonight just to get her to brush her teeth! At least I have my bluff in when it comes to the wooden spoon. Like I've told you before, the whining stage has passed, but the temper tantrums and the defiance stage are just beginning!! God, give me strength.

We've been talking to Doug & Mirya and making plans for our trip to Birmingham and Katie's party. Wayne asks Alise nearly every night if she wants to go see Katie. She says, "Uh huh!" I still talk to her about the party and I think she understands that Katie is having a princess party, but it hasn't quite hit her about wearing her Cinderella costume. I'm just excited about going shopping at the Galleria in Birmingham. There is a Sephora store there and I plan on stocking up on my Philosophy and Bare Escentuals products. Mirya and I are wanting to catch some good Gymboree sales. Hopefully, the guys will keep the girls for us one afternoon so we can go.

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  1. All I've got to say girl is you had better bring a good pair of tenny shoes! tehe! Because we are going to shop til we drop.