Friday, June 08, 2007

Hallmark Hammertime Commercial

I am sure you’ve all seen the Hallmark commercial where the bald-headed dad opens the card and it shouts out M.C. Hammer’s “Hammer Time” (what memories)? Well, I have just one small suggestion for the Hallmark company. There should be a limit on the number of times those cards can “sing.” But then again, once you pay $4.99 for those cards, you should at least get your money’s worth. Here’s why: Yesterday afternoon when I picked Alise up, I told her that we needed to stop by the Hallmark store on the way home because I needed to get a card for Dr. Sheppard. At the front of the store was the display for these singing Father’s Day cards. She spotted the Cinderella card right off the bat and grabbed for it. When she opened it and it started singing “the Cinderella song” (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes), her eyes just lit up!! But when it finished, she didn’t understand that you had to keep opening and closing the card, so then I had to spend about five minutes on my knees showing her how it worked. She started singing along with the card in the store. So sweet. It kept her occupied while I looked for a card for Dr. Sheppard. When we got ready to leave, Alise didn’t want to put the card back. I looked to see how much it was and nearly fainted. But Alise was being so sweet. My card for Dr. Sheppard ended up costing me a whopping $10 bucks! The cashier asked me if I needed the envelope. I was like, “No, the card is for my daughter. Not her Daddy. She doesn’t understand about envelopes!” But that’s not all of it. I’ve mentioned before how sick to death I am of Cinderella…not the movie so much as I am of the CD that keeps playing only three songs over and over again in our car! Now I have a stupid Father’s Day card that sings one of those songs over and over and over again. Alise loves it! This morning, we had the CD AND the card going at the same time!! Made no difference what so ever that the radio was playing “Bippity-Boppity-Boo” and her card was singing “A Dream.” By the time I got Alise to school this morning, I was so relieved that I could finally stick my Chris Daughtry CD back in! Nothing like good head-banging music to drown out the Cinderella songs still playing in your head!!

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  1. you did good posting that! i take it you're getting the hang of it :)