Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

It has been a sad night at the Horton house. Tonight I boxed up Alise's bumper pads, comforter, mobile, and her John Lennon rotating animal lamp. So sad. Her bed looks so bare! I left the bed skirt on thinking that I might use it when we finally decide to switch Alise over to the toddler bed. I know that day is fast approaching and I must say that I am not looking forward to it. The aquarium is serving as a night light for Alise, so I didn't have a problem boxing the lamp up. But when I reached up to get the mobile, I thought me and Alise both were going to start crying! She said, "No, Mommie, no!" I had to give her the "big girl" talk. I left the fisher-price aquarium on her crib. Would you believe that it's a nightly ritual? Every night, the last thing we do is turn on the aquarium and turn on the mobile!...still..after two years! As I write this, Alise is in the tub, so I don't know yet how she is going to react when she really realizes that the butterfly mobile really is gone! We'll see.

Wayne mowed the yard tonight and cut the hedges. It all looks so good! I'm glad he mowed because Alise has been asking about her pool. I know she's dying to get back in it. We might run a few errands tomorrow and then head back to take a dip in it!

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  1. I think she'll do great in a toddler bed. She's always so good about sleeping in her crib and not getting up, maybe she won't realize she could actually get out of a real bed!