Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Move over Ebay! Com'on in "You Tube!" I've spent the last three hours looking at video on You Tube. Thanks to my Babysitter, Amie, for introducing it to me. I thought it was just a bunch of "junk" at first...people acting stupid and "publishing" themselves over the internet. But then I got to searching for keywords and it is just the neatest thing!! I have seen the fountain at the Bellage hotel in Las Vegas dance to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." I've seen the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom (Cinderella's Castle). I've seen the 1996 Gymnastics Dream Team and Cary Shrugg's one-foot performance. I have seen Kristi Yamaguchi's 1992 olympic gold performace in Alberta and I also got to watch Nadia Comeneci's 1976 first women's perfect 10 for gymnastics! Amazing!! Simply amazing!! It's just the neatest thing! Thanks to everybody that publishes on You Tube!! I congratulate you!

Well, tonight was the Horton Family Friday night ritual at the mall. But first, our evening started with Amie coming over to give Alise her belated birthday present. And guess what!? I don't have to buy Alise a costume for Katie's party!! Amie took care of that for me! She got Alise the Cinderella dress up costume and it is the perfect size! Alise looked adorable in it, but she was a little wobbly on the shoes! Thanks, Amie!! I asked Alise if she wanted to call Katie and tell her that she had a costume to wear to her party and she said, "Uh huh." Wayne ended up calling Doug and Mirya while we were at the mall and by that time, Alise was in to riding on the train. But I am so excited that Alise has a costume! Katie is going to be Sleeping Beauty (it may change by the time the party gets here...) and Alise is going to be Cinderella!! I don't know who's more excited?!?! I think Me and Mirya are!! WE can't wait to get the girls dressed up! I'll try and post pictures of Alise in her costume later this weekend so stay tuned.

Tomorrow, Alise and I have to make a short trip to the library to return her DVDs that we checked out. We have to do this before we head over to Oak Grove tomorrow morning. We're going to see Wayne's mother and stop by his dad's grave site. Tonight, I asked Alise, "Who are we going to see tomorrow?" She said, "Grandma!" I couldn't believe it! She remembered that Wayne and I had talked about going. We've told her that Grandma was the one that bought her the princess slide for her birthday. Actually, we're killing two birds with one stone. Wayne has a camp meeting tomorrow afternoon and since gas is so high, there is no reason to make two trips to Oak Grove back to back. Tomorrow night, my parents are coming over and we're grilling steaks. Donna called tonight and I think we're suppose to go to their house late Sunday afternoon.

Alise found a hot pink bathing suit that she wanted tonight at the Children's Place, but believe it or not, I wouldn't buy it for her! It was on sale, too, for $9.99, but I still wouldn't buy it for her. Too cute, with flowers and everything, but no. I tried my very best to get her to try a pair of flip flops on that would light up when you walked in them, but she absolutely refused. Imagine that! By that time, I smelled a dirty diaper, so we had to find Daddy quick. She started throwing a fit when we left the store because she wanted to keep playing at the bead table, but that lasted all of fifteen seconds and she was fine. I was so thankful. I didn't want another "Target" scene in the middle of the mall!!! But, speaking of clothes...I don't know what I am going to do with Alise! I've noticed that she is alot broader across the shoulders and her back than she is in the hips. Some sundresses and spaghetti strap shirts just don't fit her. They are too snug around the chest. For instance, tonight, I put on the cutest flowery Gymboree outfit on Alise and the little halter top was too snug. Of course, it was a size 18-24 months, but she can still wear that size in Gymboree brand clothes. Looks like that's another brand new outfit that will be going to Katie! When I bought sale clothes last year for Alise this year, I bought mostly 24 month clothes and she is really in a 2T. I hate that she won't get to wear alot of her things that I had gotten such great deals on at the end of the season last year. Needless to say, I have not bought Alise any clothes for next year.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. i hope she didn't put up too much of a fight to take it off tonight!