Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy June! Is anybody counting down the days 'till summer? I think summer is already here!!!

We did the Friday night Horton ritual tonight. We haven't taken Alise to the mall for Chic-fil-a and a train ride in several months. I needed to go to Target and Wayne needed to go to Home Depot, so he and Alise dropped me off and we met back up later. I got two of the see-through storage boxes to begin boxing up some of Alise's baby toys and clothes that she can't wear anymore to make room for all the new stuff. Tomorrow is "clean up and move 'em out" day. She wouldn't ride the train tonight, but she ate a good supper. We bought her a "princess cookie" at The Great American Cookie Co., but I only let her eat about a third...too much sugar. Anyway, we kept her up late hoping that she would sleep in tomorrow morning. We'll see.

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