Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We've been busy. My Uncle had open heart surgery yesterday at the hospital where I work, so tonight, me, Alise, Nana & Papaw went to the hospital and visited with my aunt in-between ICU visiting hours. Alise was the sweetest little girl. But honestly, I wish with all my heart that somebody could have been videoing me and Alise in the ICU waiting room bathroom!! About twenty minutes after we get to the hospital, Alise announces to the whole waiting room that she has to "pooh-pooh." I nearly died. I told her, "It's okay. You can pooh-pooh in your diaper and Mommie will change it later." Oh no! She announced again that she needed to "potty." My Aunt pipes up, "Laura, the bathroom is right down that hall." So off Alise and I go to the bathroom. I took off her "Monkey dress", put toilet paper on the seat, and sat her up on it. I squatted down in front of her and held her, but by then, Alise had lost interest in the pottying and wanted to play with the toilet paper. So I'm fighting her about the toilet paper and trying to hold her up so she doesn't fall through the huge hole in the toilet! Then she asks me where her Dora potty is. I said, "Alise, your Dora potty is at home. If you have to go to the potty, then you'll have to do it on this one." Then she tells me she needs her Cinderella book that she left in the waiting room. I told her no and then she preceeded to jump off the toilet and take off out of the stall buck naked. So then I have to chase her around the bathroom. Needless to say, I had had it, so we put her diaper and dress back on and went back to the waiting room. My mother asked, "Did anything happen?" I said, "Well, of course, not!" About ten minutes later, Alise announces to the entire waiting room that she has, in fact, pooh-pooh'ed so off we go back to the bathroom! The whole time I'm changing her, I'm telling her that it's okay she went in her diaper, but she still needed to tell Mommie when she needed to go to the bathroom, so we could still go to the potty at home. It's going in one ear and out the other because all she had on her mind was washing her hands. She was impressed with the remote controlled hand towels from our earlier hand washing sessions in the bathroom (Nothing but the best for those Catholics!) It was crazy, let me tell ya! And, so to reward my child for using the bathroom in her diaper, we went to the fourth floor to see the babies in the nursery. There was only one baby there and I finally got the nurse's attention to turn the baby's bassinet around so that Alise could actually see his face. She was enthralled with the baby! She thought that was the neatest thing!

I've been working on Alise's party invitations. The balloons from Birthday Express came in yesterday. Alise couldn't understand why they didn't come in the box already blown up! I guess it's been decided that we will have cupcakes instead of a cake. I found a cupcake stand on sale at Target this past weekend.

Alise ended up wearing her best friend, Emma's, white sandals home today. On the way home, I kept hearing her say, "Emma's shoes, Mommie. Emma's shoes." I looked back at a redlight and noticed that yes, they definitly weren't Alise's shoes! When we got home, there was Emma's name in the shoes. Thank goodness Lori and I go way back. Emma's mom and I went to high school together. And, let me just tell you this. Yesterday when I picked up Alise, I accidently opened the door on her toes. I thought we were both going to die. Her from crying because of the pain and me from feeling like I was the worst mother in the world again.

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