Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alise was the perfect angel tonight. No whining at all! Before the clouds started rolling in, Alise and I played outside on the sand table and princess slide. Then we went for a walk in our pink car to see the white dogs next door. She just loves those dogs! She would bark at them and they would bark back at her and she would just die laughing. I visited with the Ms. Linda while Alise carried on a conversation with her dogs. We didn't come in until 6:30. Alise asked me, "Mommie watch news?" I said, "No, baby. We stayed outside too long. Mommie missed the news." She said, "I sorry Mommie!" So sweet! I just absolutely love it when she's in a good mood and not whining constantly about everything!! I know, as a mother, that you have to take the good with the bad, but it seems lately that there have been more bad days than good. I have caught myself over the past few days calling her "Lee-Lee" after my good friend Leigh Pevehouse. It may be a "term of endearment" from Brad (her husband), but for some reason, it has stuck with me and so I've been calling Alise that. It just seems that she has blossomed into this beautiful and sweet little girl, that "Leesy" just doesn't seem to fit anymore.

Alise has gotten attached to an old yellow baby spoon of hers. She prefers it even to her "mermaid" spoon. She can open the drawer now that holds our spoons so she is always reasching for Her "baby spoon," as she calls it. For her birthday, I got her a monkey plate and the matching cup to go with it. The cup has got water and glitter in between the two layers. I've been trying to get Alise to drink more water, so while we were outside tonight she saw me drinking my water and she decided she wanted some. I put it in her new monkey cup without a top and she did pretty good with drinking out of it. I would love to get away from sippy cups. I can deal with the cups that have straws, but I'm tired of sippy cups.

I talked to my friend/ex-boss today. She just turned in her resignation at the hospital in Las Vegas where she was controller and has accepted a CFO position at a hospital in rural Fort Lauderdale. Just a month ago, she sent me an email about a controller position open at a sister Las Vegas hospital and told me to apply for it. I told her today, that I would've ended up in Las Vegas and then she would have left me there! Honestly, I never had any plans of going to Vegas. What happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas as far as I'm concerned!!

I wish I could send our relatives in Alabama some rain, but we didn't get much today, either. For a forecast predicting 80% chance of thunderstorms today, we only got a shower late this evening. We need some rain badly, too!

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