Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My sweet little girl was the perfect angel this morning at the park when we met Luci and Robert Holtzclaw for Alise’s two year old pictures. Before, for some reason, Alise and Luci just didn’t click. Luci could be making a complete fool out of herself to get Alise to even break a smile and Alise would just look at her like, “What are you doing?” Today, Luci was still acting like a fool and this time, Alise was laughing and smiling. I told Wayne to get his pocketbook ready. I think I’m going to be spending a small fortune on pictures this time around. Alise wore the red and white polka dot outfit that my mother got her for Valentine’s Day (Mirya, it is the same outfit that Katie has on in the picture on your blog. When I told Alise this morning that Katie had the same outfit that she had on, she said, “Uh-uh, Mommie” so I showed her the exact picture tonight and she smiled). She stood in the grass with the woods behind her; she sat down in the grass with one foot propped up with the woods behind her; we knocked all the ants off the rock wall and she sat there with the woods behind her. Then it was time to change into the Cinderella dress and I took her pony tails down and pulled her hair up on the sides with just one bow, but the wind was blowing and so I don’t think her hair is going to look that great in all the pictures with the Cinderella dress. But in that outfit, we took pictures beside hydraneas; pictures beside daylilies; and pictures on the steps beside the pond. We saw ducks at the pond and she just loved that. Luci had given her a penny and so she kept wanting to throw pennies into the pond. Robert showed me some of the pictures on the camera, but I couldn’t really see Alise’s face because of the glare, but I think we got some REALLY GREAT pictures. Like I said, if Alise’s hair looks descent enough, I can see myself buying my Christmas present early this year!! Luci said that she would call me next week to schedule a time for me to see the proofs. I think she and Robert were happy, too, with the way they turned out. The weather was so nice with a breeze blowing and the sun wasn’t so bright that Alise was squinting. The Holtzclaws made the whole thing look like a production with the visors and “fake lighting.”

So, needless to say, I didn’t make it to work today until around noon. Our appointment wasn’t until 9:30; the session lasted a good hour, and as a reward, I let Alise play on the playground (after all, we were at the park!) for about thirty minutes and then we had to leave. I stopped by Chic-fil-a and picked Alise up some lunch and then I took her to school. Her class was eating their lunch so she walked right up to the table and sat down with her Chic-fil-a bag. She didn’t even say bye to me; I think she was starving to death! Ms. Gloria—Alise’s new teacher-- must have been out yesterday because she caught me and said that she heard Alise had a good day yesterday, so I was thrilled about that. By the time I got to work, I was exhausted because I had been running since the moment I woke up this morning! When I finally did get to work, I looked at Alise’s one year old picture on my desk beside my computer and I nearly started crying again. It’s amazing how she’s transformed from a baby into a “little girl” in just one year! I just can’t seem to get past it. A friend at work told me that it just means that I need to have another one. Oh, no, sister!! I may be sad about it, but I ain’t that sad!!

Wayne is down in his back. He called in this morning and didn’t go to work. He could barely make it out of the bed. He went to a chiropractor this afternoon and is feeling much better. He thinks it is his “psychotic nerve”. I always knew he was crazy!!!

The birthday plans are still going! I called Fox’s Pizza this afternoon to verify that we were still on for Saturday. I ordered the kids’ pizzas: one cheese and one pepperoni. I’ll order the “adult” pizzas on Saturday. Wayne suggested I get ten pizzas! Ten pizzas? I knew he was crazy! I don’t think we need ten pizzas!! Although, I haven’t told him about the 40 cupcakes!! Speaking of birthday’s Alise got an invitation in the mail today from her little friend and church buddy, Eileen Murray. Eileen is 9 days older than Alise. She didn’t get to come to Alise’s party last year because she was sick, but her mom, Ashley stopped by for a few minutes. We went to Eileen’s birthday party last year. It was a pool party and the first time Alise got to wear a “bikini.” Gosh, that seems like yesterday! Anyway, I guess we’ll be going to Eileen’s party Sunday afternoon. I see another trip to Target in my future!

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