Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I had to get out of the office at lunch today, so I ran to my favorite store, Target. I found Alise a sand and water table for $40! I was so excited!! It was the Target brand and it was the only one they had left. I called Wayne to tell him about it and asked if he thought we should give it to her before her birthday or at her party. He said at her party. Since our car is in the shop, I’ve been tootling around in a Chevolet Trailblazer (and come to the realization that I don’t want one!) and for time’s sake (and because I have to battle the back door every time I open it) I stuck the box beside Alise’s car seat. She noticed it right off and started screaming, "Mine, mine!" (I hate that!) As for her playhouse, I think we have decided to go with the Cinderella castle (picture). I think Alise would like it better because every time she watches a Disney movie, she says, “Cinderella’s dastle, Moma!” I think she would love a castle to call her own. I’m hoping we will be able to go out to Toys R Us this weekend and get it. I don’t want to wait until the week of her birthday and find out that they don’t have one. Of course, we’ll have to keep it hid until then, but Wayne will have to put it together before her birthday and I want to get her expression on video when she sees it. I'm hoping Nana & Papaw will get her the matching slide (hint, hint!). Alise’s party has begun to consume my thoughts and I’m getting excited and so is she. Every time we pass Fox’s Pizza (on the way to and from school), we say, “Leesy’s Birthday Party!” and then we have to go through the whole scenario about what we’re going to eat (pizza, cake and ice-cream) and what she’s going to do to her candles (blow them out) and who all will be there (I won’t list that answer). My biggest decision now, is deciding on what to do about her cake: do I have a cake (in the shape of a flower) or cupcakes? I can’t help but remember how Alise acted at her school’s Christmas party when she saw all her friends. They all just squealed with delight when they saw one another. I hope she acts that way for her party. She has a really close group of friends. She has to hug them all bye everyday when I pick her up. Oh, and she’s also singing “Happy Birthday” in the car, too. I can’t believe how much she is learning these days! She is like a little sponge, just soaking everything in!

Week number 1 is behind me on the new diet. I’ve lost two pounds. I’ve only had one diet coke and it didn’t taste that good, so I only drank half of it. All the other times, it’s been water or tea. The diet pills still seem to be working. There are a few times that I’ve been hungry, but I can’t eat as much as I use to. I am definitely into the Weight Watcher’s desserts (in the frozen section at the grocery store)! They are so good! Last night I had the chocolate hot fudge cake. It was wonderful, but I was really craving another key lime pie! So far, those are my favorite. Also, I found Quacker Mini Delights at Walmart and the “buttered popcorn” is really good, too.

Well, I found another gray hair today. It doesn’t look too good for this 34 year old. Gray and red just don’t mix. The first time I found one, which was about three years ago, I cried for two hours. At work, mind you. Today, when I found this one, I was like, “Oh, well. It’s Alise. She’s doing it to me.”

Okay. I know you are going to laugh, but I’m going to tell you this anyway. I seriously considered decorating Alise’s room in monkeys. Now, hear me out about this one, because I’m still considering it. Alise has been on the monkey kick since last week at the zoo…when the baby monkey scared us all to death by jumping at the window for Alise’s M&Ms. (That’s all she talked about Sunday was wearing her monkey dress!) I remembered at Target that there was a cute pink monkey lamp and cute monkey pictures in pink, so that’s actually the reason I went at lunch today. The sand and water table was just an extra bonus. Well, I liked the lamp…it had pink fringe on it…and I really liked the pictures, but I didn’t like the comforter and sheets that went with it. Now, it’s not like I am going to hang a bunch of monkeys all over her room! It’s called “accenting,” just with a monkey theme. I haven’t had a chance to go online and see if there is some other monkey bedding on the internet. Ms. Beverly, one of Alise's teachers, told me today that Alise had an accident at school. The top wasn't on her sippy cup very well and she got juice all over her so Ms. Beverly had to change her clothes. She said she put on Alise's outfit and she said, "See my monkey?" There was a monkey on her shirt. I can't believe she remembered because she hasn't worn the extra outfit in a while (Mirya, it was the little green short and top outfit that we bought at Belk when you guys were here in January. I think you bought Katie the pink).

Tonight while I was giving Alise a bath, Wayne and I were singing along with the blaring TV to the Bon Jovi songs on American Idol. WOW! Alise would say, "No, Mommie! No, sing!" I guess I should take that as a hint. I was so disappointed in Jordin (although I definitly thought she had the 80's look going on!)and thought Phil did a really good job opening up. I'm still thinking about Blake's performance - I'll probably have to watch it again (Thank goodness for TVO) to decide.

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