Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alise woke up at 4:30 this morning coughing and throwing up. I don't think it was anything too serious. It was clear and had green muccus in it. I know that's so gross, but Alise has been congested and I figure the little tickle in the back of her throat woke her up and made her gag. She threw up three times before 6:30, but I got a little Pedialite and Ematrol down her and she hasn't thrown up anymore. However, she does seem to have diarrhea, too, and for the most part, she's just laid around this morning. Of course, I'm freaking out because of the birthday party on Saturday, but I really expect her to be feeling better by tomorrow. She doesn't seem to be running any fever right now. It's only 10:30 and we've washed and folded clothes, cleaned the bathrooms (sprayed with Lysol, of course, in case she really does have something contagious!), stripped the bed and washed the sheets (How fortunate that she threw up in MY bed and not her's!!), eaten pancakes (That's what she wanted!) and now we're watching "The Fox & the Hound." Oh! And I've painted Alise's toe nails for the first time in her life as a sweet birthday present from her Mommie. She said, after I painted them, "I like Mommie, now!!" Oh, yeah, and we've already been in timeout once this morning for hitting and saying "No!" to Mommie, too!! I feel bad about putting her in timeout while she's sick, but she has got to learn that she can't holler "no" back at me and take a swat at me.
Mom just left. She came over to help me blow up balloons and tie them together to go in the corners of the room with the crepe paper. Well, actually Wayne blew up the balloons with his air compressor and we just tied the ribbons. We also put together the cupcake holder and we decided that I needed to get another one. So tomorrow, I'm in search of another holder to match the one like I already the one I got on sale/clearance at Target. Yeah, I know. Good luck! I'm beginning to sweat the whole decorating thing. Mom suggested I go by Fox's tomorrow and ask again when would be a good time to decorate tomorrow night. She said I also needed to find out what time I can show up Saturday morning because if I wait until 11:00 (when the pizzaria opens), then that is not long enough to do what I need to do. The good thing is that Wayne is only working about 4 hours tomorrow and then he'll be home so he'll be available to help decorate tomorrow night.

Alise is feeling much better. She and her daddy and me were outside tonight throwing a fisbee around. She was laughing and cutting up. However, she's been asleep for about two hours now and she had a coughing fit earlier, so I woke her up and gave her some Dineatap before she coughed up a lung and started throwing up again! She has not coughed all day! There is just something about the night time. I plan to take her back to daycare tomorrow while I run around and get some errands done.

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  1. It sounds like a little sinus drainage - hopefully. Katie has had a running nose and a little cough this week as well. I hope she gets to feeling better real soon so she can have a great birthday weekend!

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Mirya & Katie