Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Although she doesn't know it yet, Alise is the proud owner of her very own "Cinderella Dastle." She is going to be so excited on her birthday!! We went to Toys R Us and got it yesterday afternoon and she doesn't even suspect a thing. She was helping me pay for it while Wayne and two other guys loaded it into the truck. The box is HUGE! We debated for a while about getting the castle or a swing set, but hopefully, by this time next year, we will have a new house to go with a new swing set. And then again, there's Christmas, too. She enjoys going to the park so much. We went to the newest park yesterday morning. It's located off Deborah Drive. There was a birthday party going on under the pavillon and Alise made sure to tell them that her birthday was coming up in a few weeks. She is all about her birthday these days.

She also did her business in the potty again tonight. We're no where near actual potty training in my opinion, but at least she's thinking about it. We're still wearing diapers, but it's something about the bathtub that makes her want to use the potty. The best advice I can give is just to give her time and let her do what she needs to do. I'll check on her, but for the most part, I don't stay in the bathroom with her.

For the first time in a long time, we had a very quiet weekend. Alise and I mostly just hung out outside while Wayne worked on the rent house next door. We sat out under the trees and Alise played on her slide and rode her tricycle and pushed Mermaid in the stroller. We ate popsicles and blew bubbles. This afternoon, we went to Nana & Papaw's and stayed outside for a while again. We finally brought the Christmas gift that Nana & Papaw got Alise home for her to ride. She still struggles with the peddaling, but with the extra handle to use for pushing on this tricycle/hot wheel, maybe she'll be learning really soon.

I cooked a 12-course meal for lunch. I made a roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, fried okra, corn, and Aunt Donna's green beans. Oh, and some rolls, too. We were eating as one happy family by 11:50 today. Alise said the blessing. She was so cute. She had her hands folded together and said, "Thank you, God" as she looked at me. She is so funny. She still refuses to go to her Sunday School class, though. She stayed with me in the nursery today during S.S. time. She definitly does not want me picking up or holding any little babies. She is very jealous. Today, I got a glimpse of what it would be like to have Alise and another baby and that's just one place that I'm not ready to go! Her daddy and I told her on the way home from church that we didn't care if she was kicking and screaming, next week she was going to her own Sunday School class!! I told her that she needed to start learning about Jesus. Heaven help me.

Some of you have asked how the old diet is going. Well, it's going and I'm learning something every day about it. For instance, it is to your best advantage to stop eating when you feel full and not continue to gorge yourself. Yesterday, after the park, we took Alise to McDonald's. I wanted to try the new Southwest salad. It was really, really good and I continued to eat and eat. I ate the whole thing, but I hadn't eaten any breakfast. By the time we got home, I was nauseated beyond belief and all I could do was get in the bed. I ended up sleeping for about two hours and I felt better afterwards. I'm still not really sure if maybe it was the dressing that made me feel so bad or just the simple fact that I ate too much. Even though the salad was good--and I would probably get it again--I had that feeling while I was eating it that I would probably regret it. Does that make sense? Like I knew it wasn't going to settle right. I am also into the water thing. I had about half a diet coke with lunch, but I didn't finish it. I am all about the water. I feel like I've lost an inch or two, but when I got on the scales this morning, I hadn't lost anymore weight. I think the most results would come if you exercised and ate like the plan recommends. I tried to get Alise to go walking with me tonight, but she always wants to bring Mermaid and her stroller and she wants to turn around and go back about half way, so we don't ususally get very far.

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