Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The birthday gifts have begun to arrive and Alise cannot contain her excitement. We went to Sherwin Williams yesterday morning and when we got back, there was a nice purple princess bag hanging on our door. I think it's from our friends in Tulsa, Lauren & Allie Grace. Then, another present arrived yesterday in the mail from Katie-Bug! It was in a Mickey Mouse box. No, to answer your question, I have not let Alise open her gifts yet. I told her she had to wait until her party. As long as they are out of site, they are out of mind. Something to do with the party is scheduled every day this week! The absolute first thing I have to do is go to Thurman's and order the cupcakes. I have pictures of exactly how I want them to look. I think I need 48! That's alot isn't it? Sounds like a lot to me, too, but we're feeding the parents also. How much could 48 cupcakes cost? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. On Tuesday, I have to call Fox's Pizza to be sure we're still on for the party and order the pizzas. On Wednesday, I've got to get a few more plates (I decided I need more with all the cupcakes!) and pick out the balloons for the party (I'm buying different colors singlely (is that a word?) so I don't have to buy a big bag of colors that I don't need)! On Thursday, I have to do the finishing touches on the goody bags and make three "boy" goody bags (blue cellaphane will work just fine!). On Thursday, I'm sorry, but it's a "ME" day. I'm off work and I'm going to get my toes and my nails done just like I did on May 25th two years ago....had to have those toes painted to go in those stirrups and ended up wearing socks!! Anyway, I'm just going to relax and enjoy! Wayne is suppose to be off, too. I bet I know what he'll be doing!!! Putting the Cinderella Princess Castle together!! It didn't get done this weekend. But back to Friday. When I talk to Fox's on Tuesday, I plan to ask if it is still okay if we come up late Friday night and decorate. I just have this thing about only having an hour to decorate before the party! Anyway, either my mom will help me decorate Friday night or she'll stay with Alise while Wayne and I go up there and decorate. I don't want to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off Saturday morning! Oh! And I've got to iron Alise's birthday dress, too.

I have scheduled Alise's two year old portrait with the Holtzclaw's on Tuesday. We're having them made outside at Kiroli Park. I am taking two outfits. We'll start out with the pony tails and red and white outfit that my mom got Alise for Valentine's Day. Then, hopefully, if she will still cooperate, we'll switch to the "Cinderella Dress #2." The weather is suppose to be nice.

I am anxious about Alise moving up to the two year old room tomorrow at school. Some mornings, believe it or not, if we get there early enough, they haven't divided the classes and so all the children are together in one room. And it's usually the two year old room they are grouped in. Alise won't go in there. She pitches a fit to go in her room although there isn't anybody there and so then Ms. Sandy and Ms. Mary start moving the kids to Alise's class. It's like, "Okay. I'm here. Let's all go to class." I hate that it's right here at her birthday and all her little friends that she invited will still be in the one year old room. That's just horrible. And then the other thing that I wanted to do on Friday was take some cupcakes to Alise's class so she could have a "party" at school. I guess that's out, now. Other than Mallory Stevens, I'm not sure who else Alise knows in her new class. Let's just pray she doesn't get bit the first day!! I like her new teachers. Ms. Betty is always nice and I have heard her compliment Alise. Ms. Gloria is nice, too. She dances with the kids. My baby is growing up and I guess I was just hoping that I could put off the new class until this fall, but The Yellow House is getting in some new students and so they have to make room for them. Oh! I just thought about something! I guess Alise's cubby (locker) will change sides of the wall. Her locker will move across the hall with the other two year olds. Oh my goodness! I just thought about something else! Alise's last summer at Yellow House will be next year! Next fall she will be going to Pre-K 3. I need to quit thinking. I'll cry myself in to oblivion.

Today Tiffany and I took Addison and Alise to the "Crawfish Festival" at the Civic Center. We didn't eat the crawfish, but we let the girls ride and ride and ride all the rides....what I like to call "fair rides". We bought the arm bands for $10 and the girls got to ride until their heart's content! They rode the trucks, the cars, the carousel, the bus, the three wheelers. The only ride we had to get them off of because they started crying was the motorcycle ride. I took lots of pictures. I'll try and post them later tonight!