Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful “Mother’s Day.” Mine was great until about 3:00 yesterday. That is when Alise turned on the “Jeckell & Hyde” act. I have never been so mad at her in my life!!! Let me back up. Sunday morning, I dressed Alise in her “Cinderella #2” dress for church. It’s the Willabeth dress that I got at the Catfish Festival for her two year old portrait. She looked like a little angel. She twirled around in it all morning and kept showing everyone the “sparkles” on the smocking. Wayne took pictures of us on the couch and outside. We danced and “loved” on one another. The world was great! I made lunch (lasagna, Aunt Donna’s green beans, salad, Italian bread, and peach cobbler with ice-cream) and moma and daddy came over after church to eat. Alise loved on her grandparents and then, took a nap, as usual, only it was a little later than normal and she only slept for about an hour. The three of us went outside, ate popsicles and Alise discovered the wonder of the water sprinkler. By then, Wayne needed to run an errand and I had that inkling to go to Target. So I dried Alise off, changed her clothes (for the fourth time that day) and off we went. She wanted a “sippy” from Sonic, so I thought I would get us a slush to share. I went to two different Sonics and both of them were having problems with their slush machine. Try explaining to a two year old that the slush machine doesn’t work. So, I promised her a sippy at Target. I got her a lemonade and me a Zero Cherry Coke. She pitched a fit for my coke. I let her have it (I have to admit, the lemonade was pretty awful!). Then she wanted a snack out of her silly sak. I gave it to her. Alise did fine for about the first twenty minutes, but after that, she was done and she didn’t want to “look with Mommie” anymore. She kept flip-flopping from the front to the back of the buggy and finally started pitching a fit to walk “beside” the buggy. She dropped the gummy vitamin bottle that I bought for her about three times and it nearly landed on my toe each time. I was getting pretty irritated by this point and my patience was wearing thin. I let her out and then made the worst mistake. We were looking for Aunt Peggy a birthday card when Alise saw the Dora stickers. I was ready to move on, but she wasn’t. Normally, I can say, “Bye! I’m leaving, now,” and she’ll come running. Not this time. I secretly wished I had remembered my wooden spoon! So, I left my buggy—purse and all—in the middle of the aisle, zoomed past two other people, grabbed Alise up and swatted her on the bottom. She thought she was dying. I picked her up but she has gotten entirely too heavy and I couldn’t push the buggy and carry her so I made her get back in. She pitched a fit even louder! So I stopped the buggy again in the middle of the aisle, spanked her on her legs, and her screams and cries rose another three octives!! I just knew any minute that the police were going to come arrest me for spanking my child in public. I hurried to the fastest check out line and still had to wait for an eternity. I put back the “Bippity- Boppity-Boo” wand that she really wanted, and Alise continued to scream her head off and these huge alligator tears were pouring down her face. Her face was red and snot was everywhere. I wanted to crawl up under a rock somewhere and die myself. I saw a lady that works with me and then I really wanted to die! Diane asked me, “But, Laura, she’s such a pretty girl!” Well, that just made Alise scream even louder because she was getting some attention. I knew everybody around me wanted to say, “Lady, shut that kid up!” but all I could do was ignore her! I knew I would kill her if I didn’t. I didn’t say a word to Alise all the way home. She screamed the entire time because I wouldn’t let her watch Cinderella on the DVD player and I have to admit that I didn’t even buckle her in her carseat. I called Wayne on the cellphone and all I said was, “Buddy, she’s yours. I don’t want anything else to do with her for the rest of the day!!” When we got home, I stopped the car, put her out and took off again to get some gas across the street. A little kid in front of me didn’t have enough money for his two muffins and off-brand soda, so I paid for it for him. He didn’t even say thank you. I guess I was feeling guilty about Alise. I got home, warmed up some supper for her and she and Wayne came through the door. She was STILL crying!! Wayne asked her, “What were going to tell Mommie?” She cried louder. I said, “Alise, I don’t want to hear it.” She held her arms out like she wanted me to hold her. I picked her up and she buried her head in my neck, and, still crying, she said, “I sorry, Mommie. I so sorry.” It just broke my heart and I started crying. I looked up and Wayne was crying. I’m crying now just writing this!! What a day!!!! I was exhausted last night! Other than that little episode, we didn’t do very much this weekend. Wayne worked on the rent house and I took Alise to the park Saturday morning while it was still cool outside. Two little boys at the park had a turtle in a box, so she got to see that. We stopped by the MAC and I got information on membership, but it’s too high so we won’t be joining. Amie babysat for us Saturday night, but after I spent over two hours in the nail salon (don’t ask – but I am so pumped about my toes!!!), we just went out to eat and skipped out on the movie.

Needless to say, Alise was in a MUCH better mood this morning when she woke up! I asked her, “Are you feeling better today?” She said, “Uh-huh.” “Yes, ma’am,” I corrected her. “Yes, ma’am,” she said. Will she ever get that? I am beginning to think that the “terrible twos” are going to kill me! Just when I think things are getting better, we take three steps back! However, tonight, she was like a totally different little girl. She was happy and no whining. I love it when she’s like that!

I am headed to Baton Rouge tomorrow and then I have another meeting in Lafayette on Thursday. I’ll be flying on Thursday. Alise is staying with her Nana for the next few days, so I know she’ll have fun. I sure hope she doesn’t do her Nana like she did me yesterday!!!

Oh! About the diet. I’ll know for sure tomorrow, when week 3 is officially over, but I don’t think I’ve lost much weight, but I have lost inches. I went to Dress Barn on Saturday and bought some new clothes….all a size smaller. I am so excited! I bought myself this Asian-looking dress for Mother’s Day simply because I didn’t buy myself an Easter dress this year. The pattern is kinda busy and is probably not that flattering on me, but it’s a size smaller than what I use to wear, so what have I got to loose? If I could loose a few more inches, I would be even happier. I’ve been trying to eat lunch and not so much for supper. I’m still drinking lots of water. I just wish I could get Alise to walk with me in the afternoons, but she gives up to quick and wants to go back home!

I'll post Mother's Day pics soon!

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