Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Peggy!

I got some sad news this afternoon when I picked Alise up from school. When I walked through the door, Ms. Sandy, Alise's teacher, was writing something. When she saw me, she said, "I was just writing you a note. I hope you're not going to be too upset, but Alise moves up to the two year old room on Monday." I said, "What? Oh, no! That doesn't give me very long to adjust to the news!" Ms. Sandy told me that today was the first time that Alise answered, "Ms. Sandy" when she asked her, "Alise, who do you love?" She started crying and then I started crying. She told me that Alise was so smart and that she was ready to move up and learn new things. I asked how many children were in Alise's new room, and they told me that there was 30 children enrolled for the summer program. I nearly died! That's double the number that were in the one year old room!! Wayne and I got to crunching the numbers in our head and Alise's daycare has GOT to be raking in the money! There's got to be close to 50 kids at that daycare and at $400 a pop....well, you do the math! Parents supply the diapers, wipes, and lunches. All the daycare expense should be snacks, overhead, and salaries. Maybe I need to go in the daycare business! There is a new daycare opening up down the road from our house. Visit it at Their open house is tomorrow, but the location just isn't feasible for us right now. I might consider it more after I hear how things are going and Alise is ready to start a pre-K3 program.

The birthday countdown has begun! All the invitations have been mailed. I put Alise's school friends' invitations in their cubbies (lockers) this morning. The big sand and water table gift has been wrapped, but I haven't put the bow on it yet in fear that it might get torn off by somebody. Wayne is planning on putting the Cinderella castle together tomorrow morning...we finally decided on a spot in the backyard. I am going to get Alise to help me "stuff" the "purses" (goody bags) with candy tomorrow as a funny little activity for us. She'll enjoy that! Every time I show her the hats, she wants to put one on and wants to sling a purse on her arm! Too funny! I can't wait for next week!!!

Alise has become infatuated with tracing her hand. It all started when I had her do it for a few cards that we mailed out for Mother's Day. I bought her some crayons that were made specifically for the bathtub. Now, Wayne and I take turns going in the bathroom and tracing her hand and our own hands. She thinks that is the neatest thing!!

I've spent three days this week in South Louisiana. I've been in die-hard LSU country! Baton Rouge on Tuesday and Wednesday and then with the "Ragin' Cajuns" on Thursday. The food was wonderful and the accent strange but neat to listen to. I actually got to fly to Lafayette on Thursday, so I didn't have to drive. For that, I am very thankful. I couldn't wait to get back home and see Alise! She looked like she had aged six months in just two days!! She was so sweet and loving. She just hugged and kissed on me when I picked her up from my mom's. She was like a totally different little girl from Sunday!

We have decided to stay put this weekend because of all the things that will be going on next weekend. No major plans. We hope the weather will still be cool so that we can spend the majority of the time outside. I am going to make crawfish etouffee Saturday night. Have a great weekend!

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