Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yes, I was the bad mother today and I sent Alise to daycare. She needed it. I needed it. Her daddy needed it. I had errands to run and Wayne had a house to work on. I ran to Target and got my nails done. I quickly ran into the Shoe Dept at the mall to see if I could find some of those cute Mary Jane shoes that Katie has. All the sizes were mismatched, but I finally managed to find a right and a left, size 6-7, but they are blue instead of pink.

I also managed to get supper in the crockpot by about 12:30. Chad and his girlfriend are coming over tonight to eat smothered deer steak. Hopefully, there will be enough left overs for Alise's lunch tomorrow. Poor Baby! I sent her to school today with a microwavable kids' TV dinner. But I haven't cooked!! I've got to get to the grocery store tomorrow!

I also got to watch a whole movie all by myself with NO interruptions!! Wayne was at the movie store this morning when they opened to get all the really good movies that came out today, like "Deja Vu" and "Night at the Museum." He got me "The Queen" and I watched it this afternoon. It was really good. If you want to relive the whole "Diana dying and funeral story" then this is a great movie to watch. The actress who played the Queen Mum was well deserving of her Oscar!

Other than that, I haven't done that much. I'm going to leave in a few minutes to pick up Baby Girl. I first need to go by Fox's Pizza and drop off the deposit for her birthday party and Wayne wants me to go by Sherwin Williams to pick out paint for our bedroom and bathroom. Alise and I will need to go to the grocery store and pick up what we need to make Aunt Donna's great green beans for supper tonight to go with the deer steak.

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  1. did you see idol tonight? Jordin's gonna win!!