Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Every girl loves a happy ending. Every girl loves a princess and a charming, good looking prince to sweep her off her feet...(Sigh) I know I shouldn't read this stuff, but I can't help but be disappointed about Wills and Kate. Forgive me for a moment and let me vent. Well, what actually started all this was this story hit the national news over the weekend. Alise was screaming in the bath tub to get out and I was glued to the TV to see what the actual wedding China pattern was to be (I'm still looking for the pattern. When I find it, I'll post!) should there have been an announcement of an engagement. Then, today, while looking for the China pattern, I found this article. So Kate's Mum wasn't up to snuff, eh? Well, from this article, she seemed quite nice to me. It only confirms that Wills wouldn't be interested in a nice "Southern" girl. If he and his entourage (my new word) thought Carole's choice of words were not up to par, then he certainly wouldn't like G.R.I.T.S. Maybe that's why the United States doesn't have a monarchy. But to his credit, I must say that I appreciate Wills' comments to his father, the future King of England, the adulteror himself, about his unwillingness to commit to Kate. A little bit of Diana shining through there I must say. At least he was honest and didn't cheat! Okay. I'm through venting. I'm still looking for that China pattern, though!

On to more personal matters...I took Alise to the doctor this morning. Even though the throwing up has stopped, we can't seem to get rid of the other part and Alise has been so grouchy and also has had a loss of appetite. I can't tell you how many diapers we've gone through. I can tell she's got stomach cramps because she winces and cries out in pain. She was a very good girl today for Dr. Stanley; she didn't cry and was very quiet while he checked the "butterflies and teddy bears" in her stomach. He confirmed that there was a bad stomach virus going around and that alot of the kids Alise's age are having a hard time getting over the diarreha part. He prescribed something for the cramps and said everything else looked fine. It was probably a wasted visit, but I told myself on the way home that I would have been very mad at myself if there had been anything serious, so I have no regrets. Baby Girl weighs in at 30 pounds! Wow!

Speaking of Baby Girl, this afternoon on the way to pick up her perscription, I noticed Alise saying her ABC's in the backseat. I couldn't believe it! She still struggles with the "...Now I know my..." but she can say just about all the letters! A few are still missing, but for the most part, she's got 'em down. Now if she could just remember her colors! Everything is "red."

Day 3 of the diet and all is still good. Not a single Diet Coke since Sunday, although I was a little tempted this afternoon to pull out a Caffiene-free one out of the fridge. I can't get over how well these pills work. I have so much energy and I really have not been hungry. I had a WW dinner for lunch, but I did have an individual serving of Hamburger Helper for supper (Don't say it!). So far, I would recommend these diet pills.

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