Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Horton family went to the Catfish Festival in Winnsboro on Saturday. We had a really good time and even managed to stay long enough to eat some catfish this year! Every year when the Festival rolls around, I think about the first year we went when I was sassy fat with Alise. We didn't get to stay long that year because my feet started to hurt. That was also the day that we finally decided how we were going to spell Alise's name...but I digress. Anyway, I was so excited because I got to shop at my favorite store in Winnsboro, "Madeline & Mallory's." I could stay in their store all day! So yesterday, I hit their booth at the Festival and also went to their store! I was in heaven! I bought Alise a Nyguyen-brand smocked bishop that was orange with monkeys and a hot pink and lime green polka dot outfit. I know Alise really liked the monkey dress because when I told her this morning that she was going to wear her Cinderella dress to church, she asked, "Monkey?" I told her it was too cool for the monkey dress (butterfly sleeves) and that maybe she could wear it to Nana & Papaw's church next weekend. At the actual store, we went by and picked up the "Go Bama" jumper that Wayne asked them to order for us a few months ago. I decided to get the 3T for Alise and we called Doug & Mirya to see if they wanted the 2T for Katie. (We felt so bad because the owners had to actually buy three dresses to get us the one and everyone in Winnsboro are LSU fans and we were worried that the others wouldn't sell) So, needless to say, we bought both....and another sweet angel dress for Alise (I have absolutely lost my mind!). I think I am going to have her 2 year old picture made in the last dress I bought. As for Alise, she had a great time, too, although she wasn't really hungry for fish. She didn't eat that much, but she wanted to stay in the jumpy house thing all day! Of course, she loaded up on all the $1 items they had! When we first got there, she saw a clown with a balloon, so that was a $1 (She actually spoke to the clown, too!). Then we passed a costume jewelry booth and we got bracelets, rings, and necklaces for $1. There was a "mini farm" wagon that the local 4-H club had and it was free. The kids could climb into the wagon and see and touch all the baby animals they had. I went in with Alise and we saw and touched the bunnies, the ducks and one of the chickens scared me to death because it nearly pecked my finger off. Alise thought that was hilarious! We saw goats and puppies and a turtle. I thought that was the best thing they had for kids! Oh! And Alise got to see Dora, too! Someone there was dressed up like Dora and Alise thought that was neat, too.

I found out that Cousin Brooklyn is coming in next weekend! Alise will have somebody to play with at her Nana and Papaw's for a few days while Wayne and I are out of town. She talks about Brooklyn now more than she ever did. Would you believe that she even remembers Brooklyn's birthday party?

I have become my pastor's wife, Amy Dye. I am now a "wooden spoon packin' Momma". It's the only way I can get Alise to behave. I think I've only actually had to spank her with it one time. Most of the time, you just mention "the spoon" and she straightens up! Yesterday, I caught her carrying the spoon around and whacking it in the air and saying "Dead gum it!" (A phrase she heard her mother use!) Wayne reminded me this morning that we are going to have to start watching what we say around her now.

Advertisement. Did you get your Philosophy "Today's Special Value" off QVC yesterday? Leigh and I were talking in church this morning that we can't wait for ours to come in! So much neat stuff was included in the package! I love Philosophy products. I don't think I'll ever go back to anything else!

I think Alise is getting excited about her birthday. On the way to my mom and dad's this afternoon, we were talking and I asked her, "Alise, how old are you going to be on your birthday?" She said, "Two." Of course, I praised her for that, then I asked, "What are we going to eat at your birthday party?" She said, "Cake." I said, "And what else?" She answered, rather loudly, "Pizza!!" We still haven't officially decided what to get Alise for her birthday. I've been looking online to come up with some ideas, but I just haven't come up with anything else.

I have decided that we're going to take a reprieve from gymnastics for the summer. We've been going at it for nearly a year and Mommie is just tired. Alise loves it and I really hate to take her out because I'm scared she'll forget everything she's learned, but oh, well. She's only two. She's got years of gymnastics or dance ahead of her!!

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