Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday, April 1, 2007

We had a little excitement at the Horton mansion this weekend. On Friday, Wayne was cleaning up in the backyard and he found a turtle. He put it in a 5-gallon bucket and we showed it to Alise Saturday morning. At the time, she was more interested in her bubbles, but eventually (after all the bubbles had been spilled out by accident) she warmed up to the turtle and followed him all around the yard. She kept saying, "This way, Turtle! Com'on, Turtle." Wayne and I just stood back and watched and laughed. I told him I wish we had gotten it all on video.

Also, on Saturday morning, Alise helped me fix Katie's Easter basket to be mailed off this week. She also helped me fix goody bags for six of her friends at school: Emma, Ally Grace, Allie, Jack, Mallory and Carly. She enjoyed dropping the candy in the bags. She didn't quite understand, though, that we couldn't take them to school right then. She had to wait until Wednesday of this week. But I promised her that she could put them in her friends' cubbies all by herself.

Amy came over and babysat for us last night. We went out to eat, ran some errands, and caught the late movie, "Shooter." It was very good, but a little more violent than I like.

We didn't make it to church today because I think we slept through the alarm. I don't remember it going off this morning. I remember thinking that Alise would miss the Easter egg hunt at church, but then I heard the rain outside and knew it would probably be cancelled, anyway. The sun came out and we took Alise to have her annual Easter picture made at the Biedenharn Gardens. It didn't last very long. It was hot and Alise was getting uncomfortable in her dress. She started pulling on it and making faces. We kept telling her that she looked like Cinderella and that she had a "Cinderella dress" on, but that only lasted a little while. The gardens were packed and we ended up running into Claudia-Kate. Alise wouldn't have anything to do with the Easter Bunny. Wayne did manage to get some good pictures. You can check them out at After the picture session, we drove to the park and spent about an hour there, but the sun was hot and I was scared that Alise would get sunburned. Wayne had to be at church at 4:00, so Alise and I went to Walmart to get some fruit for her lunch this week. Wayne also wanted me to pick up some garlic bread to go with our spaghetti tonight.

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