Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

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It was "Mom and Me" day today. I took off work again today because Alise's daycare was still closed for the Easter holidays. We had a really great day! No whining or meltdowns....until...5 o'clock. What is it with 5 o'clock? Ever since Alise was a tiny baby, she would always have a meltdown straight up 5 o'clock. Without a doubt. I have to admit, she had every reason to have a meltdown. She didn't have a nap today. She fell asleep on the way home for ten minutes and when I got her out of the car, she woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep.

Alise and I ended up driving to Winnsboro to meet Wayne for lunch. Today was his last day on the Winnsboro route. Tomorrow he starts the Tallulah run. You should have seen Alise's face when we pulled up beside Wayne at Big John's. She raised up in her seat and this huge grin spread across her face when she saw her daddy climbing out of the UPS truck. She said, "Daddy's truck!!" You could tell she was excited about spending some time with her daddy in the middle of the afternoon. I got some pictures of Alise driving the "brown truck."

We had a very nice Easter. My baby finally got to hunt some eggs. And with her friend, Addison, too. We went to church with Nana & Papaw--but not before we had a complete meltdown about the Easter dress! Alise pitched a fit because she didn't want to wear it. She made it through the first thirty minutes of church and then we had to leave and go to the cry room, where we met up with Addison and four other kids her age. The egg hunt was a hit and Alise looked like a pro going after all those eggs! I had to tell her to leave some for some of the other babies. Check out our Easter pictures at


The headhunter just called tonight about the job in Rome. They want to offer me the job.

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