Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

This is the diet product that I've been telling you about all week (as if anyone really cares). I got on the scales this morning and I had lost three pounds!! Now, I realize that most of that is probably water and a lack of carbonated drinks. However, I think the reason I like this program so much is because of the energy I've had. I haven't felt bad, no headaches from being hungry and no irritability. It really suppresses your appetite. I haven't been hungry at all. No more munchies!! However, Linda wanted to go to Chile Verde for lunch and so we went. I had my usual...the lunch #9 (one taco, beans, and rice). I couldn't eat it all! Also, I have to tell you that the Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie is TO DIE FOR!!! I had one last night and it was SO GOOD! I highly recommend that dessert!! It tastes just like lemonade icebox pie!

I took Alise back to daycare today. We kinda skipped yesterday after her doctor's appointment. I didn't take her back to school yesterday and I didn't go back to work. We pestered Wayne while he worked on Mr. Bob's house. She is in great spirits. As for the house, maybe we'll begin seeing something from Wayne's hard work this week by tomorrow. A friend is coming to help him tomorrow. I'll try and post some pictures.

Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve are suppose to be coming over tonight to eat fish, but it will probably be late. I hope Alise is good enough to stay up so they can see her.

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  1. Yay! Another picture! You go girl! :)