Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thank you, Katie, for our purple Easter bunny! It came in the mail today! Be expecting the same box back soon!

Alise looked like she was three years old this morning! She had on her blue jean shorts, tenny shoes (to give the blisters from her sandals time to heal), and a striped shirt. I put a ponytail and bow in her hair. I can’t get over how fast she is growing up! It’s hard to believe how big she is getting! Sometimes I feel like I am so busy planning her next moment and thinking about “tomorrow” that I don’t take the time to enjoy “today.” When I called Wayne this morning to remind him about something, he asked how Baby Girl was this morning (he asks me every morning). When I told him that she looked like she was three years old, he said, “When am I going to get to spend some time with her?” I think he thinks he misses out on so much…and he does, because of his job. One of Alise’s first phrases was (and still is) “Daddy wort (work).” And I always respond, “Yes, Daddy is at work.” That’s why I feel that the weekends are so important for us to spend time together as a family. And Wayne really is good about it…he’s gone to birthday parties with her, sacrificed his lunch hour on Fridays to make sure that she gets to ride the train that night at the mall, buys her shoes and kitchen playsets when he “finds a good deal” on his route, etc. He’s a great daddy! I knew he would be! So in the same conversation, we were talking about what we are going to do for our anniversary and I told Wayne that I’m taking some extra days off, so maybe we could take Alise to the zoo or something like that. Just spend the whole day with her.

Speaking of Wayne, he has taken on a more “authoritative” role in our little family. This weekend, Alise was having a meltdown about something (I told you Saturday was not a good day) and Wayne put her in “time out” in the hall. She was crying and it was breaking my heart because I hate for her to cry and be upset (I know, I know, don’t say it!). It’s like it’s okay when I put her in time out and discipline her, but when Wayne does it, it just sounds so much harsher. Not that he has ever mistreated her, but he is firm. For instance, Wayne told Alise, “You stay in time out. Put your nose in the corner. You stay there until I say so.” I, on the other hand, was saying, “When you can quit crying and act like a sweet girl, you can come out.” So Alise was coming toward me and Wayne was telling her to get back in the corner. We’re confusing the poor baby! Alise knows that she can come to me and I’ll hug her and talk sweet to her. I want her to respect her daddy and me both and right now I am just struggling with that. I know I’ve got to discipline her and teach her to obey us. But sometimes it is so hard when she looks at me with those big blue eyes. They just make my heart melt.

You’ll love this! This morning, on the way to school, we passed Fox’s Pizza. I said, “Look, Alise! That’s where we’re going to have your birthday party.” “Party?” she asked? I didn’t think anymore about it and kept on driving. I was in my own little world when this familiar song popped in my head. I realized it was Alise! She was singing, “’Appy beeday to juu!” It was the cutest thing! I couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time!

I don’t know if I told you or not, but Alise has become the “Band-aid Queen.” We’ve already been through one box of Strawberry Shortcake Band-aids! Every morning, when she wakes up, she asks for her sippy and a band-aid. She actually makes it to school with it on! I guess her friend, Jack, is going through the same phase because the two of them have been sharing “war stories” every morning about their band-aids. They show one another their fingers or knees. It’s so funny. But expensive. I had to buy another box of those suckers this weekend! The new ones are of “Dora.”

I am on a mission to get Alise an Easter basket. Here’s the deal: she has three right now. The first one, I bought at Gymboree last year. It’s just a tiny stuffed rabbit-looking basket, but oh, so cute! The second one, my mother got her for last year (I was just going to let my mom fix the same basket up this year for Alise, but she just told me that she’s already bought her another one! Go figure.). Then, I bought a lavender wire basket with tiny chandelier beading on it from Michael’s because it was cute and small enough for her to carry to the church Easter egg hunt (and it matched her Easter dress). Now, after last night at gymnastics, seeing and remembering the baskets that Cindy’s had at Spring Market last year and kicking myself for not going ahead and buying Alise one, then (I didn’t want to spend the $30!!), I have managed to track Cindy down at her home to find out if she has anymore of those cute Easter basket left! Alise just has to have one!! (Mirya, Cindy’s store was the store that we went in at our mall that had all the bags, and backpacks…where we bought the chalk placemats.) So….Cindy just called me back and she will have one ready for me tomorrow! It’ll have an Easter bunny and Alise’s name on it! I’ll take a picture of it and post it for all to see!

I saw in the paper on Sunday that the Biedenharn Gardens will be having Snapshot Sundays for the next two weeks. We took Alise last year and she did so good! I’m sure she’ll be scared to death of the Easter bunny this year, but we’re still going to go. The gardens are beautiful this time of the year. We’ll fu-fu Alise all up in her Easter dress and take tons of pictures!! I would love to get Alise a hat and gloves, but I know that there is no way she would keep them on.

White shoes! I’ve got to get Alise a pair of white shoes for Easter, too. I hope I haven’t waited too long.

Alise and I hid and hunted Easter eggs tonight when we got home. She loved it, except she didn't quite understand about waiting under the carport for me to hide the eggs. She wanted to watch me and then go "hunt" them. I can't wait for this weekend!

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