Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My dearest friends and family. What else can I say but that I love you and I thank you for your prayers over these last few weeks. I can’t wait to tell you just how much I felt those prayers in just a minute.

But first, I feel I must answer the questions that everybody has emailed to ask about and are dying to know: “Did I get the job?” and “Will we be moving to Rome, Georgia?” The answer is no to both questions. As far as I know, the job hasn’t been offered to anyone. I was told yesterday that they would let me know in a few weeks. As for the interview, I thought it went really well and I liked the hospital and people I met very much. However, I did not leave anything in Rome when I left. The town did not impress me much and I was rather disappointed about that. I was thankful for the “free” trip to Rome for the two days that I was there. It was definitely one of those “soul-searching” trips and I will tell you about that later.

Now, to the most important part. I told you all last week how worried my parents were about me driving in Atlanta. I also told you about the peace I had about going and that I wasn’t anxious about the drive. But I can’t begin to tell you how easily the pieces of my trip fell into place. This is how the story goes: Wayne thought I was leaving too early to get to the airport. “After all,” he said, “It’s Monroe.” Just so you know that women are smarter than men, it was a good thing that I did get there early because our little airport was packed! As I stood in line, I was jealous of all the people that I assumed were on spring break and were heading to the mountains…made me think of two years ago when Wayne and I were headed that way. But I degress. I noticed as I was sitting in the concourse area that my ticket did not have a seat assignment on it, so I went to the desk and asked what my seat number was. I was told that I was on “stand by.” I told the cute little guy behind the counter, “You have GOT to be kidding!!” He checked the seating in the computer and assured me I would have no problem getting on the flight. So back to my seat I went. The flight was called. The plane waited and I watched the crew at the computer behind the podium. About five people were still waiting in the concourse area with me and for the first time, I thought, “Oh, my goodness. This is an omen. I don’t need to go to Rome.” The cute little guy asked me, “Ms. Horton? Do you mind sitting in an exit seat?” I said, “Dude, I don’t care where I sit, I’ve just got to be on this flight.” So, down I went to get on the plane, only to sit beside a man that said, “Oh, you nearly missed your flight, huh?” So I quickly explained to him that NO, I was not holding up the plane and that about four more others would be coming shortly. Only three more ended up getting to make the flight.

When I arrived at the Atlanta airport, I took the tram from concourse D, where I came in, to concourse T where baggage claim was. The airport was busy, but not overly crowded. When I reached the carasel, my luggage popped up immediately as if to say, “Hello! Here I am!” It was perfect timing. I followed the signs and walked out only to find a half empty Hertz shuttle bus waiting on me. I walked right up to the bus, loaded my suitcase and the lady asked me, “Do you have a contract?” “Uh, oh” I thought. “I just messed up.” When I said no, she said, “No problem, ma’am. I can take you to where you need to go.” This was really getting easy! I knew there had to be some Divine intervention going on!! When I got inside the Hertz rental car area, I walked right up to the counter, got my keys, signed the contract and walked right back out. It lasted all of five minutes. I found my car easily and after I had everything loaded, I called my parents. If something happened to me, I wanted them to be the last ones to hear from me since they had been so worried (I had been text-messaging Wayne through all this because he was “suppose to be” in church!). Mom and dad were at church, so I left a message on their answering machine and slowly pulled away from the Atlanta airport, clutching my “Map Quest” directions and praying all the while that nobody would hit me pulling out on the interstate. Things were going too well. The drive to Rome was long, but it was fine. Traffic was not that bad. I did just what my daddy told me to do….stay in the middle lane, don’t go too fast, and let those crazy fools go around you! I actually passed a few cars myself! I found the hospital quite easily, but the hotel was a little harder to find. I finally asked a group that was leaving church if they knew where to find it and they offered for me to follow them there. That was very nice. I got out for a little while and drove around Rome that afternoon, but I was scared to venture out too far because I have no sense of direction and I knew I would probably get lost. So that, my friends, is my story. I truly felt your prayers and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had His hand on my shoulder the entire time. He truly did protect me. The ride home was a little more eventful and I won’t go into all the details except to say that there was a wreck on 1-75N and traffic was NOT moving when I was making my way back yesterday. However, I was going south (another God thing) so it didn’t matter. I got stuck in the Atlanta airport for three hours. My flight was cancelled twice (Good ol’ Monroe!) and then we, the passengers, were almost lead to the wrong plane, not once, but twice. But by His grace, I finally made it home around 8:30 last night.

I couldn’t wait to see Alise!! I had called Wayne from the airport while I was waiting on my luggage and asked him to keep her up until I could make it home. When I got home, she was crying in her bed; Wayne had just put her down and she was fighting sleep. I had to get her up. She acted like she didn’t recognize me at first. And then she smiled that wonderful smile of hers and I was in Heaven! She loved and hugged and kissed on me (she’s in to kissing on the lips these days). We laughed and I cried. She looked like she had changed in just two days! She looked like she was three years old! Gosh, I was so glad to see her!!

As far as my "soul-searching weekend" goes, I just knew that God was about to move us to Rome. For the entire time I was on the plane over, I just felt that way and when things really clicked at the airport and I had such a safe trip I just felt that things were headed that way. But the more I saw the town and drove around looking at things, this sense of disappointment swept over me. You see, about three weeks ago, I read in Numbers about the cloud that the Israelites used as a compass when they were on their way to the Promised Land. The cloud was God Himself and whenever the cloud moved, the Israelites followed. If the cloud stayed in one place, then the Israelites knew to stay put. Sometimes the cloud didn't move for months. The important thing was that they obeyed and they didn't move unless the cloud moved. The truth is, this weekend, I felt God with me...knew without a doubt that He was with me, but I just didn't feel him "leading me." The cloud wasn't in Rome. The cloud was still over Monroe, Louisiana. I learned alot about myself this weekend and realized that my biggest problem is myself. I'm the one that needs to change. So, I'm working on that now.

I took Alise to the park after I picked her up from school this afternoon. She absolutely loved it and the weather was so nice. There was a cool breeze blowing. She absolutely loved the swings. She swung (is that even a word?) for what seemed like a lifetime and when she started running around and getting on the slides, I had a hard time keeping up with her in my heels. Of course, it was "melt down city" when we had to leave and she threw a fit nearly all the way home. I'm going to see what the weather's doing this weekend and if it's nice again, maybe Wayne and I can take her to the park and have a picnic on Saturday.

Okay. I think this is just about the longest blog I have ever written, so if I've bored you, I apolojize. I AM excited about one thing! I finally go ahead and start putting the final thoughts into Alise's birthday party. That's kinda been on the back burner these last couple of weeks. I feel like a "Drama Queen." Something always seems to be going on!!


  1. I wanted you to know, you've been on my thoughts since Sunday. I am so glad you had such a good and SAFE trip. Who knows this could have been the best therapy for you. Sometimes it does us good to do a little soul searching. I'm sorry I didn't call, but I just got settled (blog) at 10:00 p.m. I didn't think you would appreciate us calling you at this time at night. Talk to you later!

  2. i NEED to see me some alise. i miss her like crazy! glad you had a safe trip..i wanna hear more about it in person!