Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I knew the day was coming, and it happened today. I slammed the car door on Alise's fingers. I nearly died! I cried right along with her. As I was shutting the car door, I noticed her fingers, but by then it was too late. She didn't cry that much, but immediately started screaming for a band aid (She has become the band aid queen. We have to have one every morning before we leave to go to school). I was so upset and worried that I had broken her fingers. She walked around the rest of the night with her hand held out. I still feel so bad about it, but I think she's going to live.

I am distressed. I noticed that there hasn't been any word at church regarding our annual community-wide egg hunt (I've already bought Alise's outfit!). So on the way home tonight--before the whole finger-smashing incident--I called my friend Leigh to see whether or not she knew if we were having one. Because our church is having Easter services at our local college's coliseum that Sunday, the Easter egg hunt that we normally have the Saturday before has been cancelled (to get ready for the services on Sunday). I was SO disappointed. Like I said, I had already bought her outfit. Now I have to find a place for Alise to go Easter egg hunting. Our local zoo normally has a hunt the Saturday before Easter, too, but the whole city of Monroe will be there, too. I'm tempted to ask moma and daddy if we can have an egg hunt at their house for Alise and all her little friends. We could set the picnic table up under the carport and have cupcakes and sandwiches. I'm such the planner! I just never follow through.

Wayne bought Alise a new pair of shoes today. The new style of pink crocs. Alise wanted to try them on immediately. She loved them.

Alise and I went to Nana & Papaw's on the way home tonight. She had pretzels for the first time on the way home, too. Nana let her have a box of raisins, so needless to say, she didn't have much of a supper. I feel so bad that I haven't cooked all week. Alise had to have a kid's TV dinner for lunch today. I felt so bad telling Ms. Kay that I had put it in the freezer for her lunch. But with the time change, Alise likes to go outside when we get home in the evenings and by the time we come in, it's nearly 6:30 and time for a bath and bed.

Wayne and I are considering getting Alise the Disney castle playhouse for her birthday. It's kinda expensive, but I truly don't think that Wayne will ever get around to building her dream playhouse. You can go out to and click on playhouses to see which one we're talking about. It's pink and purple and has a real doorbell.

I have found the best sunless tanning lotion on the market. It's the new L'oreal brand that comes in shades of fair, medium, and dark. Maybe you've seen the advertisements in the magazines. I've been using the fair shade. It doesn't stink and doesn't turn you or your clothes orange. Good luck!

By the way, Mermaid has been found!! Don't know where she was hiding, but she was in Alise's locker this afternoon. Alise was jumping up and down and hugged her doll real tight. Ms. Sandy told me that she had braided Alise's hair down the sides, but by the time I got there to pick her up, Alise had already taken them back out. Ugh!! We're getting her bangs cut again on Saturday.

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