Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADDISON!! What a day! Alise has missed her little gymnastics buddy (Addison hasn't been to gymnastics since last December. Her mom and dad have been involved in building a new house, but they promise to start back up next month)! Check out our picture website at for pictures from the birthday party and our weekend.

Could this be the first day of the rest of Alise's life....WITHOUT A PASSY?! Well, there's a story behind it. But, for right now, Alise is in the bed dreaming about kitty cats and she is "passy-free." No passy. No sippy. Just a bed full of baby dolls (One even became decapitated and Daddy had to fix it before she went to bed). But let me tell you the story. Our nephew Casey bought his girlfriend a dog about three months ago. I don't know what kind of dog it is, but it's tiny and has peaked ears and shaggy hair. His name is "Juicy." Today, we had lunch at Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve's new house in Farmerville. Juicy was there. Later this afternoon, Alise dropped her passy and before we knew it, Juicy took off running with it! So the story for the rest of the afternoon was that "Juicy had taken Alise's passy." She called Juicy a "bad doggie." Check out pictures of Juicy on our other website. Fortunately, I only heard the word passy twice tonight when we put her to bed. That's our story and we're stickin' to it....Juicy took Alise's passy. (I've just got to remember to tell Ms. Sandy the story tomorrow and hope they remember not to give it to her.) OUr thanks goes out to Ms. Manning, Steve's mom, who was there and suggested that the incident would probably be a good idea to get rid of her pacifier (I had just told her how much I was looking forward to the day!)

I have to tell you that the blue Cinderella dress from Orient Express has already gotten a chocolate ice cream stain. The good news is that we were able to get it out! Yes, I was helping Alise with her cake and ice cream at the party yesterday and stupid me said that Alise and I would share a cup of chocolate ice cream. The fact is, I wasn't thinking. A few minutes later, Alise was trying to spoon out a bite and the whole cup of ice cream came out and landed on her dress and another little girl's blue jeans. Luckily, the stain came out. She was so cute and sweet yesterday!

I did something this weekend that I swore I would never do. Alise needed some new Spring/Summer shoes for school. It's getting warm enough now that she can wear sandals, but yet, Easter hasn't gotten here and so I hate to put her in white (Don't ask). Anyway, I went to Payless yesterday and found Alise some blue Dora sandals that light up. I only paid like $15 for them. Then, I went to Belk and bought her a shirt that had Cinderella and Mermaid on it. I told myself that my kid would never wear "cartoon character" clothes. I had to eat those words, too. She loves her Dora shoes! Everybody made a big deal about them at Donna's today. As far as the shirt at Belk, well, I spent alot more on her than just that one shirt! Belk was having a GREAT sale this weekend on two-piece mix and match items. I got Alise like four different outfits that you can mix and match and they are not so "springy" looking that you have to worry about the whole "white rule" if you know what I mean. These outfits will get her started for spring. Two of the little skirts are really shorts that look like a skirt and then I got her a pair of lavender capris that are really cute! It's still a little cool for sundresses.

I absolutely hate this time change!! We didn't think about it until 10:30 last night when we were up watching a movie. By that time, it was 11:30 and Alsie ended up going to bed at like 9:30. She was a pistol today. Very tired and cranky.

I found all of our tax information, thank goodness! I couldn't find the folder I had put everything in origianlly. I ended up cleaning my desk off in the playroom and still had to piece some things together, but I think I found everything. I'll call Dennis this week and see if he can oblige. I think this is the latest we've ever turned in our taxes! Everybody I know has already gotten their refunds back if they were due one.

I'm getting excited about our trip to Georgia next weekend. WE still don't have Wayne a ticket. Mom and dad came over tonight, so we had to explain to them what was going on. I could tell that they were sad to hear that I was so unhappy where I am. We're just gonna go and see how things turn out. Be praying for us this week!!

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