Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Story about Juicy


I have to tell you a story about Juicy. I nearly died from laughter and then I felt bad because the poor dog has virtually saved mine and Wayne's life with the whole pacifier thing.

Last night, Wayne was talking to Casey and in a round about way, Casey told Wayne that Juicy was in ICU for swallowing two pacifiers. When Wayne told me, I just brushed it off and assumed that Casey was just concocting some story to go along with ours. This afternoon, Wayne, me and Baby Girl rode the golf cart across the street to the Citgo and Chad was at the pump filling his truck up. Chad verified the story!!! I was like, "No, way!!" I died laughing. It was just the way Chad was telling us the story that was so funny. He said that Casey came home the other night and said, "Juicy's in ICU" like it was somebody close to him. Chad was like, "Man, who's Juicy?" I died laughing. Our nephews are something else! I am so sorry, but I guess you just had to have been there. Poor Juicy! Keep him in your prayers.

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