Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am completely exhausted! Alise was in one of her moods today....utterly sweet one minute and a melt down the next. I just didn't have the energy today for it. I don't know if it's because of all the travel this week or what, but there was so much that I wanted to get done today, but yet I just didn't feel like doing it. I told myself that I was going to get alot of things done while Alise took a nap, but I ended up laying down, too, so the rest of the closets didn't get cleaned out. Wayne spent most of the day outside playing on a friend's tractor. He called it, "moving dirt." Our yard looks absolutely horrible. The first rain we have, our yard is going to look like a mud slide!!

We took Alise to the park this morning and she had a blast! There didn't seem to be that many kids there, so she got to swing and slide to her hearts content. Wayne went by McDonald's and we had a picnic under a shade tree. The weather was very nice. Alise fell asleep in the car, and that's when her "Jeckell and Hyde" side came out. I woke her up taking her out of the car. Her diaper needed changing, so by the time I finished, she was fully awake. We were going out to eat with my mom and dad and I knew that if she didn't have a good nap, then she was going to be something else by supper time! She screamed for 20 minutes, so I decided to let her camp out on the living room and watch Barney...hoping she would fall asleep. Wrong. All she did was follow me around the house and whine. Finally, I had had enough and I swatted her legs and put her back in bed where she proceeded to rant and rave for another thirty minutes. Wayne came in the house and asked me what I was doing to his daughter. He tried to go in an console her, but she didn't want anything to do with him. Finally, after about forty-five minutes, the screaming subsided and she and I fell asleep.

Two good pieces of information today, though....One, we stopped by Fox's Pizza on the way to the park this morning. It's the new pizza place on 165. Wayne and I love Fox's Pizza! He told me that he talked to the pizzaria in Delhi and they told him that the location in Monroe has a "party room." I stopped by this morning, and I think I've decided to have Alise's party there. It's a $25 room rental fee and how many ever pizzas and drinks you need. I can decorate the room any way I want to, but no outside drinks. I'm pretty sure I've decided that Fox's is the place for Saturday, May 26th.

The second piece of news is that our church IS having an Easter egg hunt! It's next weekend during Sunday School. I am really excited about that!! Also, we passed Parkview Baptist Church on the way to the park and they had a sign up for an Easter Egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter at 2:00. I think I am going to try and take Alise to that one, too, instead of the zoo. I stopped by Spoiled Rotten and picked up Alise's "Easter egg hunting outfit" off layaway. I've still got to find her some white church shoes.

We met moma and daddy at Piccadilly for supper. It was Daddy's idea since they are having the "all you can eat" Seafood buffet. Wayne laughed and picked at Alise about getting jello. We went to Toys R Us and Alise went crazy in there putting everything that had a Mermaid on it in our buggy. I found the Castle playhouse, so at least I know that they have it at our store. They also have a matching slide. I think I've decided to get Alise a water and sand table, too (We spent about 70% of our time today outside). So, needless to say, Wayne and I are going to hafta start saving our money to get Alise the playhouse for her birthday. I got Alise a Mermaid bathing suit, Mermaid panties (don't ask!), a pair of purple Sketchers, and another pair of sequinned sandels with the Princesses on them.

Okay, well, Wayne stopped by Sonic on the way home tonight and bought me an M&M blast. I think he's chomping at the bit for me to get off here because I said I would split it with him, so I need to go. Watch our picture website for pictures from our weekend. I'll try and post them tomorrow night.

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