Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

I am the worst mother in the world!! Since Alise didn't go to gymnastics last week because I was on my way home from Rome, I didn't know anything about the "bring your Easter basket and egg hunt" that was scheduled for tonight at gymnastics. Luckily, for us, one of Alise's school buddies, A'maya, brought some extra eggs and shared with us. Ms. SueAnn let us borrow a basket. Well, at least it wasn't ALL my fault! Supposely, Ms. SueAnn's secretary was suppose to call us and let us know about it since we missed last week. I never got a phone call.

About the egg hunt...I could not believe that Alise actually knew what to do!! I was so proud of her! She was looking and picking those eggs up all over the place! I can't wait for the egg hunts that we'll be going to these next two weeks! She'll do great! I told her that if it wasn't raining tomorrow when we got home, we would have an Easter egg hunt in our yard. A little practice never hurt! I'll take pics! She also did very good at gymnastics tonight...trying flips on her own, skinning the cat, and jumping around all over the place!

I'm the worst mother in the world for another reason. I've let Alise's sandles rub a blister on her feet. Ms. Sandy had put band-aids on them this afternoon. I felt so bad! Tomorrow, we'll wear socks and tenny shoes and give the blisters a break.

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