Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

The whole passy thing hasn't been that bad. The first thing we did was tell Ms. Sandy and Ms. Mary that "Juicy" got Alise's passy. (Did I tell you that I just love that dog!? Check out his pic at Casey, that was the BEST investment you've ever made! I don't care what Wayne says!!). I called Alise's school around 10:30 this morning to check on her and Marian (the school director)said that so far, Alise was doing fine, but that she normally only takes her pacifier when she takes a nap and sometimes, she doesn't even take one then. Well, I found that hard to believe! When I picked her up, I asked Ms. Mary how her day was and she said that she did fine. She asked for it a few times tonight, but it's almost like she's testing she's checking to see if you're sticking to your story. When you "remind her" that Juicy took her passy, she says, "Bad dog!" I think she wants to see Juicy again just to tell him so! I think the whole passy ordeal will be completely over by the weekend...seeing as how she doesn't find one and freak out before then.

I was going to carry Alise to the zoo this weekend, but on the way to work this morning, I heard an advertisement on the radio for a book/reading program for kids this weekend in West Monroe. Go to to see what I'm talking about. I think there are going to be some characters there and all kinds of books and reading materials. It's probably more for school age kids or at least a little older than Alise, but I don't care. It's different and the zoo is here all the time. I may call and see if Tiffany wants to take Addison. I'll take the camera for pics.

The packet from Rome, Georgia came in the mail today. One folder contained all the benefit information for the hospital that I am interviewing with next week. I haven't actually sat down and studied it, but it looks like they have alot of the same benefits I have now and those that I had previously with HCA. The thing that I am really happy about is the 401K program they have. I had that with HCA, but because St. Francis is the way they are, they don't have a 401K, they have a 401(3)(b). The major difference is that they do not match a percentage of your contribution. Don't even get me started on that. Anyway, the second packet had TONS of information about Rome, Georgia. I haven't had a time to read that information yet, either. When I got to work this morning, I had an email with my hotel confirmation number. I'm getting really excited! This is just a wild and crazy thing, but a friend of mine at work (who knows that I'm interviewing) sent me an email for a Director of Accounting position in Colorado. The pay scale on this position was $80-$120K, but it was for ten years of experience. I was like, "Yeah!!" Gosh, if I could just find Wayne a job!!! I would be the happiest person on earth! I realize money isn't everything. Those are the same words I told my ex-boss when she decided to move to Las Vegas. And I'm not necessarily looking at dollar signs. It would have to be worth our while to move, but it's just great feeling excited about something again. I haven't felt this way in a long time. And every chance I get, I say a short prayer to God for His guidance and will. My personal desire is to obey Him and go whereever he leads me. We'll just wait and see.

Wayne and I have become "Two-A-Day" soap opera fans. We stayed up until midnight last night watching episodes back to back (Wayne had "tevoed" them). It's really a good show. Seems to be pretty clean.

We had gymnastics tonight and I was probably about two inches from leaving again, but Alise finally settled down and did her "skin the cats" and a few tries on the beam. Wayne had to work late, so I took her to McDonald's for supper.

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