Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

We did our usual "Horton Friday Night" ritual tonight, but Alise didn't ride the train. She wasn't interested when we first went by and then when we went back by on our way out, the "engineer" had taken a 15 minute break, so we decided to go ahead and leave. We were letting Alise walk around without her teddy bear backpack on, so she didn't seem too concerned about missing the ride. We ran in to some old friends of ours, John and Robyn Sanders, with their daughter at Chic-fil-a. They didn't know that we had had a little girl. Wayne and Alise also got their hair cut tonight, but I am not very happy with Alise's do. It looks like the stylist took a big whack out of the sides of Alise's head! Very disappointing. She looks so funny now with much shorter bangs. I got the back trimmed, also, and I thought Wayne was going to come unglued! She did very well in the chair with me holding her, but Wayne had to go first before Alise would do it. Also, I ended up finding Alise a pair of white dress shoes at Dillard's. They are cute Stride Rites. I was so pumped about finding the shoes because that means that I don't have to get Alise out in the rain by myself tomorrow and go all over town looking for shoes. Now, all I need is a hair bow and I am done!!

Wayne and I have a date tomorrow night. Amy is coming over tomorrow afternoon to keep Alise. I'm so excited about getting out for a few hours!!

Mirya, Alise wore her "Cracker Barrel" Easter dress to school today. I took some pics of her this morning beside the aezaleas, but she wouldn't cooperate (imagine that!)and so they didn't turn out very well. Her dress was a hit! Everyone was wanting to know where I found it! I told them, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you!" Has Katie worn hers?

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  1. Actually, I had forgotten about it until I saw it in her closet about a week ago. She's wore it around the house.