Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday, March 2, 2007

I am in the middle of watching "The Little Mermaid" for the one hundred and fiftieth time this week!!! Somebody please drown that stupid Mermaid!! Speaking of which, I've already told you that Alise's obsession is with Ariel. Well, this morning at school, I made the mistake of letting her carry her mermaid doll in. I told her that she would have to leave it in her locker. She had a meltdown right in the middle of the hall! Ms. Sandy said that she could have it, so I let her take it in her classroom. Next week, it's back to leaving it in the car!

I had the whole day to myself! Wayne was off, too. He got some work done around the house and then we met for lunch at Chili's. I shopped and ran errands....doing everything I could to avoid Walmart and the grocery store. Tomorrow is my "birthday present day." Remember, I was in the doctor's office for my birthday in January? Well, I rescheduled my facial for tomorrow at 1:00. Mom is keeping Alise all day and so I have another day to myself. Wayne is at the camp with the boys on a fishing trip. He'll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon. Probably tired from staying up all night!

I came to the conclusion today (while I was at Target for the fourth time this week) that I must have been smoking something when I bought Alise those two (or was it three?) pair of flip-flop style sandals for summer. My baby is only 21 months, 4 days, ten hours, and three minutes old and I am trying to make her grow up too soon. I have decided to take back the flip flops and rule them out for this summer. Maybe next year. We'll stick to the white sandals and espadrills instead. She's just not ready for flip flops and neither am I. She has to stay a baby just a little while longer.

In the mail today, I got a brochure from our photographer, Luci Holtzclaw. She is doing the Easter pictures again this year. It didn't mention anything about the live rabbits and ducks, though. I think I have decided not to do the Easter pictures this year. Alise will be having her two year portrait made in another few months; I'll save my money for those instead. Also, the brochure mentioned the "1st Annual Family Beach Pictures" in Destin, Florida. Luci is crazy! Why would she want to be taking people's pictures while she's on vacation? Anyway, I guess you can drive down to Destin and have your family portrait taken. Wouldn't be such a bad idea if you already had plans to be down that way. They do such a wonderful job!
Beach pictures have become popular here. Alot of our friends have them. Hopefully we can have some good ones made (with our own camera, of course!) next year when we go to the beach.

Well, Sunday afternoon is when we plan to take Alise to the Circus. Wayne went to the Civic Center this afternoon and picked up the tickets so we wouldn't have to stand in line. Alise is still talking about seeing the "animals." I was so hoping that "Dora" would come back to Monroe this year, but "Thomas the Train Engine" is coming in March instead. I guess they have to do a girl thing and then a boy thing. I think I might check around Shreveport and Jackson and see if any kids shows are coming to our area.

Okay. I've had enough of Sabastian and the evil Sea Witch. It's time for Alise to tell the Mermaid, "goodnight!" Thank goodness it's bedtime!!

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  1. Hey Girl!
    I read your comment RE: Leslie Hunt(AI), she was the red head. She sang "It's a New Day." AJ Tabaldo is of hispanic decent. I don't remember what he sang and I didn't find it on the American Idol website.