Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bleeding Brown

I've stayed up late tonight looking on the UPS website for Wayne a job. There was a part time postion open in Rome. I think it was a pre-load position. Wayne is in the bed because he has to do the Jackson shuttle again tomorrow morning, or I would ask him. The man bleeds brown, okay? He loves his job! There were alot of positions open in Georgia, but I'm not familiar with where all the cities were. There were several in Atlanta, but that's like 70 miles away from Rome. I'm trying to get Alise to recognize "Daddy's Truck" whenever we see a brown UPS truck. She still loves to say, "Daddy wort." She is so proud of her daddy!! The truth is, the offer in Rome has got to be worth our while to even consider moving. We certainly can't afford to move for the same amount of money I am making now. It would have to be a substantial increase...even more than that, really. We are so dependent on Wayne's job for benefits, overtime, bonus, that kind of thing. There are certain personal requirements and stipulations that I have. According to what I have been told, there is a complete relocation package involved. I have no idea how much money that is or what exactly that pertains to. Today, however, I did ask about the head hunter's fees. The controller told me that the hospital would cover it and that was a relief. There was no way I was going to pay a head hunter for finding me a job when I already have one. My concern is for Wayne. It's no fun when one partner loves their job and another is in turmoil. And although I am so excited about this opportunity, I know a decision will have to be made based on Wayne's happiness, too. He was so encouraging when I began putting applications in. But now that the job is in Georgia and not "northern Alabama," I think maybe he's changed his mind. And, of course, we have to consider our families, too. Could I live without my mom and dad? Could Alise live without seeing her Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve? But then, I tell myself that people do it every day. Not a single one of my high school or college friends even live here in Monroe anymore. Some of them are still in Louisiana, but most have moved out of state. Monroe is going down so bad. State Farm is gone, GM is gone. It's only a matter of time before IP is gone and Century Tel is taken over. As far as the healthcare industry, you'll always need it, but what happens when all you have are the "bottom of the barrel" patients? And worse, patients that can't pay? Which is already a growing concern in our area. Our charity care and self pay is through the roof!! 13% of the current population in our area are already going elsewhere for healthcare....places like Willis Knighten in Shreveport, M.D. Anderson in Houston, etc. What does that tell you? With such low payers and not worthwhile managed care contracts, it is only inevitable that even the hospitals will begin laying employees off. Now, I'm not saying that all this is going to happen tomorrow or even a year from now. But it's like the warning signs....kinda like contractions before the birth. Our government is so corrupt that it's not even funny and with the influx of the New Orleans folks from the hurricane, our crime rate has increased drastically. There are reports of rape and burgularies every day. I think everybody in Monroe but me and Wayne are on drugs!!!

I know. I'm rambling. I'm just stating the facts. I need to shut up and go to bed.

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  1. So...any updates on a potential move?

    We live here without family...but I was never close to mine.