Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You HAVE to check out Mirya's new blog!! Go to I've even got it linked for you on the righthand side. I am so glad that Mirya decided to get creative and develope her own blog! She did a great job!

Alise was one little bad girl Monday night at gymnastics! I was ready to kill her. I hate to say that, but I had finally had enough. Ms. SueAnn was giving her extra attention on her rolls and she wouldn't do anything...she was rolling around on the floor and acting up. By the time it came time for stretches, I had had enough! I had already told her that she wasn't getting in the balls. I jerked her up, and left with her screaming and kicking in my arms. She screamed all the way home and ended up in "time out" for a few minutes after we got home. After she finally quit crying, we had a "nice long talk." Then, when Wayne got home, I made her "tell" her daddy what she did (as if she really could...I did most of the talking!) and then she started crying again. We'll see what happens next week at gymnastics. I can't believe that I am even mentioning "next week." I'm telling you, when I left out of there Monday night, I swore I was NEVER going back!! I was just that mad!!

I admit that I had to tell Alise tonight that "Mermaid" had already gone to bed. Well, maybe she really was asleep somewhere in the ocean? All I know is that Alise has turned into a "Little Mermaid" fan! Last week it was "The Fox & the Hound" and this week it is "Mermaid, moma! Mermaid, moma!" We've watched it every night (not the entire movie all the way through, yet) for the past three nights!! This is the first movie in a while that she has really been glued to. I'm just glad to get a break from "Barney."

Cousin Brooklyn is coming to town! Nana & Papaw met Misty in Star City, Arkansas, this afternoon to pick her up. She's staying through Sunday. Nana has already asked if Alise can come over and spend the day with Brooklyn at her house on Saturday. Of course, I said yes! Maybe Wayne and I can "steal away."

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement since my last blog. I have truly felt them. I moved into my new office on Monday at the main campus of the hospital. I have new furniture and it is really nice. This week has actually gone well simply because of what I have been involved in....I really feel like I am in my "element," if that makes any sense at all. I have felt a new friendship and kindness from my boss and I can't help but wonder if that's because I am "near" her now (Not that she was ever a bad boss. I have always liked her). But this is exactly what I have been praying for...for better days if this is truly where God wants me to be. Keep praying.

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  1. Hey girl! I got your comment on my blog and yeah I think Wayne and Doug will still have to talk on the phone for 2 hours (tehe!). They are worse than me and my sister, Sandy that live in WY. We talk for close to 2 hours, every few weeks. If we don't talk for a month, it may be 3+ hours. I also wanted you to know, I've been reading your "What I've been up to." I love the Devil wears Prada. So funny! Another good one is Monster-in-law. I don't know if you've seen it, but if you haven't rent it. I ended up buying the movie for my collection. Please let me know how you set up the American Idol pick? I would love that, but don't know how to set it up. Please advise. It's great your job is doing better - always good news! Take care and I'll blog you later (tehe!)