Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I need to go on a serious diet. The Sonic grape slushes and ding dongs are starting to catch up! What a sad sight. It's utterly depressing.

Can anyone out there fix a Fossil purse? I spent a small fortune on a Fossil purse (I "settled" since Wayne wouldn't let me buy a Coach purse) at Macy's when we were in Atlanta in October. What better way to remember my "posh" week in Atlanta than with a new purse? Anyway, I lost a screw to the metal ring that holds the strap to the rest of the purse. Wayne emailed Fossil at their website last night, and got a 1-800 number to call for assistance. We'll see.

I ordered the OE smocked Cinderella dress for Alise off the internet tonight. I went through her closet this morning and looked at the "nice" (aka "church dresses") that she has to wear this spring and summer and not including the sundresses (We are going to be the sundress queen this summer!) she has three "nice" dresses. The Cinderella dress will give her four and that's good enough. I hope it comes in in time for Addison's birthday party next weekend.

Alise got a surprise this afternoon. Wayne got off early because he had to do the Jackson shuttle this morning to Jackson, so he picked her up from school. They went to Aunt Donna's to take the power washer to her. She enjoys getting to visit her Aunt Donna & Uncle Steve. So what did I do? Well, I actually had a nice, QUIET ride home from work this evening. I had to stop at the drug store and pick up a prescription and then I came home and cooked supper. Nana & Papaw stopped by for a short visit tonight, too.

For all of you that are placing bets on what the "birthday party theme" will be each day.... now, I am leaning toward a "Clown" theme. (Betcha couldn't guess that one!) I found the cutest party supplies on the internet earlier (while I was watching the news in my QUIET house!). When I said something to my mom about it, she kinda hestitated and said, "Well, yeah. What ever you want to do, baby." What ever that meant? I asked her if I ever had a clown birthday party and she said that she couldn't remember, but I could almost swear that I did...ya know, one of those "younger" birthday parties? The clown theme almost sounds boyish, though, so I don't know....I don't know, I don't know. It gives me a headache just thinking about it!

Alise's ear is draining green gunk! I noticed this morning when I put her in the car that her left ear was draining, so I had to run back in the house and search all over for her antibiotic ear drops. I finally found them and yes, I was late for work. She seems to be fine, though, no fever. I'm sure I'll be in the doctor's office on Friday...the day that I am suppose to be off work.

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