Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

If you've logged on to catch up with what we did this weekend, well, I'm afraid to tell ya that's not what I plan to write about tonight. I'm sitting on the couch...Alise is in bed (I think she just drifted more "mumblings" from her room)...and I'm waiting for Wayne to get home from his deacon's meeting at church to walk through with a Johnny's party pizza! Finally, the house is quiet.

God has always used my job as a means of "getting my attention." Each time God did something really amazing in my life, it happened through the circumstances related to my occupation. Each time I have taken a new job, they have literally "fell in my lap." I never had to go "looking for a job." For instance, I got the interview at the CPA firm where I worked for five years because, unbeknowest to me, a college professor had lunch with one of the partners and dropped my name in casual conversation. I had my first job two weeks later. Then, in 1999, I got the phone call from an "Oak Grovean" asking me to come in for an interview at what was then, North Monroe Hospital. I finally had my dream job. And now, for the first time in my life, and due to circumstances that only God could bring, I find myself "looking for a job" and asking myself, "Is this a God thing? Has God purposely placed this unsatisfaction and discontentment with my current job? Did He allow the circumstances with the sale of the hospital to push me in another direction or even to another state? Or, is it me, simply being discontented and ungrateful for where he has already lead me?" These are the questions that I have struggled with for the past three personal trial. You see, everytime I began to feel restless in my job situation, God did some really amazing things! But during this time, I have been reminded of the chorus lyrics to a contemporary Christian song by the group Avalon. It goes like this:

I don't want to go somewhere
If I know that You're not there,
'Cause I know that me without You is a lie.
And I don't want to walk that road,
Be a million miles from home,
Cause my heart needs to be right where You are.

Those words are the earnest prayer of my heart. I don't want to go anywhere where God isn't right there beside me. I value His direction in my life and I can't imagine going through life without His blessing. I want to be able to live the dreams that He has dreamed for me, where ever they may be.

I covet your prayers for me and the direction that God would have me go over the next few weeks. I have committed myself to prayer and staying focused on His word like never before. I have also committed to making the most out of a work situation that I am not extremely happy in. God alone will see me through.

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