Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I can already tell that Alise and I are going to go 'round and 'round about shoes this summer. I guess I am just going to have to face it. She doesn't care for the "flip-flop" style shoes. If it even looks like it has a strap between the toes, she won't even look at it! I told you about the meltdown she had last night in Target. Well, while Moma was keeping her and Brooklyn today, I ran back out to Target and bought her four pairs of shoes (They were already picked over and I knew that if I didn't hurry up and snatch them up, they would be gone). I thought that if I bought them and brought them home, maybe she would try them on at home. Nope. I thought wrong. And they are the cutest shoes!!! I've really got to get her to try them on so I can at least determine whether or not I need to take them back to the store and get another size. The shirt that she wore today had "sparkles" on it, so I bought her a pair of blue "flip flops" that had little rhinestones on them. She looked at those the longest, but still wouldn't even consider trying them on!! Well, actually I bought her FIVE pairs of shoes today if you count the lavender polka dot flip flops I bought her at The Baby Gap for $5.99. I thought that was such a cute deal! It matches the lavender camoflauge pants I bought her. You just have to see them!

Alise looked like she was three years old today! She was so cute. I tried to take a picture of her and Brooklyn to post, but the battery in the camera was dead, so no pictures. Alise had on her pink sprarkly princess shirt, blue jeans, pink clogs and pig tails in her hair! I couldn't get over how "grown up" she looked.

Okay. This whole birthday thing is driving me crazy!! I am already beginning to stress about it. I think I have decided on a place, but I still haven't decided on a theme. If the party was tomorrow, it would probably be "Mermaid," because that's all I've heard all weekend!! (Mom called me this morning and asked me to bring it over because all she and Brooklyn had been watching was "The Wizard of Oz" and "Beauty & the Beast.") But since it's not and because I'm the mother and Alise really doesn't have a say (yet), I can't decide if I want to do the "cupcake" theme or the "purse" theme. I really haven't found supplies for either. I have found the cupcake invitations. I still like the polka dot idea. I would love to get invitations with either the cupcake or purse theme and then get the coordinating polka dot plates to match. I think I have also just about decided to do cupcakes instead of a big cake. Kids just aren't going to eat cake.

Wayne and I went truck shopping this morning, but we're not looking to buy anything soon. A guy he knows wants to buy his truck and as soon as we can get the title (We can't find the title), it's a done deal. Of course, you remember we are a "three car family," so it's no really big deal if we sold one vehicle. WE bought new tires for the "Hoopty" today and hopefully it will last until this summer when we really decide to get serious about getting a new truck, and, hopefully take advantage of that great zero percent financing that GMC offers. We'll see.

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