Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

So much for the $1.99 glue I bought this weekend to finish Alise's valentine goodies for her class! The glue won't hold and I have no idea where my hot glue gun is. And it was such a cute idea! If I have time tomorrow, I might try to find some other type of glue. I really don't want to buy another hot glue gun. I had bought sugar cookies to cut out and decorate for Alise's class on Wednesday, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to finish that "project" tomorrow night.

Guess what! Day #2 that Alise left her bow and ponytail in all day! When I picked her up from school this afternoon, her ponytail was kinda lop-sided, but I didn't dare touch it or even mention it because I knew she would pull it out if I did. We're beginning to get a routine going in the mornings with the whole hair thing!

Alise did great tonight at gymnastics! She is just learning and doing so much better with her cartwheels. She actually watched and listened to SueAnn tonight and even did her stretches. We had another slight meltdown when it was time to get out of the ball pit, but this week wasn't anything like last week! Thank goodness!

OH! And if somebody gets a chance, would you please explain to me the whole "Dixie Chick" thing? I didn't watch the Grammy's last night, but I did see the last award that they won when I turned the TV on to catch the news. I thought everyone was boycotting them? I thought radio stations all over the country were not playing their music? Then how in the world did they walk away with three Grammy awards?! The public may not be listening, but whoever was casting the votes must be Dixie Chick fans.

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