Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday, February 2, 2007

I feel like we're a family again! This was the first Friday night in four months that we were all, Wayne and Baby Girl Alise! We went to the mall and ate Chic-fil-a. Alise was an absolute angel! She rode the "choo-choo train" all by herself and I wished I had had my camera! I was SO proud of her!! When the train stopped, she got off like it was no big deal. She gave me a hug and my heart just melted.

Ms. Betty, one of the two year old teachers at Alise's school, caught me in the hall this afternoon and told me that she wanted to "reassure me about Alise." You see, yesterday, Marian sent out the bills for the first of the month and she normally sends a newsletter. In the newsletter this month, she talked about the Valentine's Day party and said that if your child was in the one year old room, you needed to send 16 valentines and if you were in the two year old room, you needed to send 27 valentines. I told Sandy the day before that that was ALOT of valentines!! Undoubtedly, my comment was mentioned to the other teachers and Betty told me that Alise probably wouldn't move up to the two year old room until August. She said alot of the kids in the two year old room would be gone after May and alot of the kids were already three years old and they would be leaving in August. She also told me that Alise was a very smart little girl and that when she did eventually move up, she would most definitly be ready. That made me feel so good!

I think I am renigging on the whole Raggedy Ann birthday party idea. I don't know....all of a sudden, I've got this "cupcake" theme in my head. I'm still sweating on where to have it. I called the Swartz recreation center today and it's $30 an hour. I didn't think that was too bad, but when I said something to Wayne, he said, "I thought you said you were going to have it at the church?" I just don't know. Lord knows I've got plenty of time, but I just can't decide if I'm ready for Alise to have what I consider a "big girl" party. I just think now--while I still have a say in the whole thing--that she should have a home party...more initmate and not a whole lot of running around, ya know? We'll see.

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