Sunday, February 25, 2007

And One More Thing...

The whole reason I even got on the internet to blog in the first place....The circus is coming to town! It's here this weekend, but I don't know the times. There is usually a performance on Friday afternoon and I would like to carry Alise to that one since Wayne and I are both suppose to be off that day. We'll see.

I'm back on Ebay doing more shopping. I haven't bought anything, but I'm watching several items. I'm just about "smock dress'ed out," so now I'm shopping for sun dresses. I guess I am going to hafta carry the shoes I bought for Alise back to Target (again) because she absolutely refuses to wear them. She won't even try to slide her foot in far enough to get the piece between her toes. Instead of listening to her whine all summer, I might as well get my money back, right?

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