Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, I'm winning about five dresses right now on Ebay. And then....and then I get the new "Orient Express" catalog in the mail today (Visit to see some of the most beautiful smocked dresses!). Oh, my goodness, I found THE most beautiful blue dress that had Cinderella smocking at the top. The carriage and everything. I nearly died. I may have to save my money for that one.

Alise is feeling better, but she's still kinda cranky. She went back to school today and Ms. Sandy said that she would watch her. When I picked her up, Ms. Sandy said that she had a good day, no fever, but that she got kinda cranky this afternoon and she had to find her passy. Ugh! We have GOT to get rid of that thing!! We went to church and she had a hot dog and cheetos. Hannah Spence brought cupcakes for her Wednesday night group, but my Bible study class got finished early and I think Alise didn't get to have one with the others. By that time, it was 7:00 and it was time for her to leave. She loves the gym at our church and she' familiar with it because that's where we eat supper on Wednesday nights and where she goes to meet her Daddy after Sunday School on Sundays. She had a meltdown tonight when I didn't let her walk back into the gymnasium. Like I said, it was time to go home.

Alise is getting attached to her Madame Alexander baby doll. Before we left for Alabama last week, I put all her dolls on the couch and let her pick one to take with us. She chose that one. Now, she wants to carry it every where. We had to carry it to school this morning. She's also become attached to her pink blankie...the one I bought at Avenue Kids the day I found out I was having a little girl. Of all the blankets for her to get attached to, I'm glad it's that one.

All you guys are giving me a really hard time about loading the Christmas pictures. Yes, I realize it's been three weeks, but I still need more time. Wayne and I each have our own laptops now, but the pictures are on his. Besides, the only time I can do it is when Alise is in bed because it takes so long. I will try and get Wayne to upload all the pictures and I'll try and post them this weekend while he is at the camp in the pouring down rain! I'm not even going there tonight.

For all you Winnsboro readers, I'll be coming your way in a few weeks. Dr. Boles' office called today and 'wanted to remind me that I had three cavaties that needed to be filled.' Thanks for the heads up! Like I had forgotten or something. Like a crazy women, I agreed to have all three filled at once. What drug was I on? Must have been the diet coke. Get this. I asked the chic who called me, I said, "Does Dr. Boles have laughing gas?" She said that they charge extra for that! I was like do what? You have GOT to be kidding. Fortunately, for me, I told her, I won't be needing the laughing gas. The last time I had laughing gas, I puked my guts up after the filling. I certainly don't want to go there again. I told her I would be fine as long as I didn't see the shot! No shots!

Okay. That's all I have to say tonight. You guys are so get upset if you don't hear from me in a few days. No, I'm not complaining. I enjoy it. I look forward to it (blogging). Till next time.....

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