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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Whew! Our lives in the Horton household have not stopped! I feel like we've been running since Christmas.

First things first. Yes, Alise has strep throat. Here's the story: I noticed that Alise began acting like she wasn't feeling good on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, when she woke up, I noticed that she was very hot and I knew she had a temperature. However, because we were out of town, I didn't have a thermometer. Doug & Mirya were kind enough to give us a bottle of children's Tylenol to get us home. Eventually, Alise began feeling better and I just thought that maybe the reason she was acting so funny was because she hadn't slept well in the last few days. On Monday, she got up feeling fine. By 10:30 yesterday morning, Alise's school called and said that she had thrown up twice. Wayne kept her the rest of the afternoon and after explaining to my boss what was going on, she told me that when her girls had strep throat, they normally threw up. I called Wayne and we met at the Pediatrics Clinic at 6:00. I wasn't sure why Alise was throwing up ( I thought maybe it was a 24-hour bug), but I knew that her left ear had been draining last week, so I thought she might have an ear infection. When we got to the clinic, Alise had 101 degree fever. The nurse practicioner said that her ears were clear, but when she looked at her throat, she said she had puss on her tonsils and she wanted to do a strep test. After about five minutes, we got the word that the test was positive. We were shocked. She got a shot and we're on amoxillian for the next ten days. The nurse said that she can go back to daycare on Wednesday.

If you haven't already guessed, the reason we were out of town this weekend is because Wayne's grandmother passed away on Thursday and the funeral was Saturday in Cullman, Alabama. We left Friday morning and let me just say that the packing part of the trip had to be the worst we have ever had. Wayne forgot his dress shoes....we had to buy new ones in Tuscaloosa. Alise got into our suitcase before we left and "unpacked" my jeans, so I was stuck wearing the same outfit for three days! I had a dress to wear to the funeral, thank goodness! And then she got was just crazy! The good thing is that we got to see Doug, Mirya, Katie (again) and the rest of the Horton Family. I feel like all we did the whole time was EAT! So much for the diet!

I have a surprise for all you LSU and Alabama fans! (Yes, I can put those four words in one sentence!) Stay tuned and watch for the pictures (of the surprise, of course!)!

In the meantime, check out pictures from our trip this weekend to Alabama on Katie's site,

I have a confession to make. I've been shopping Ebay. I know, I know. It use to be QVC and now it's Ebay. What is the world coming to? Well, let me just say that I haven't actually "won" anything yet off of Ebay. I've been shopping for some smocked dresses for Alise. They are so expensive in the stores! I found a watermelon smocked dress that I saw in a specialty shop a few weeks ago here in town and the dress in the shop was $58. Right now, I'm watching it on Ebay and the price is $19.99. You can't beat that! I must say that I hate those people that come in there the last minute and outbid you! I've had that happen several times! I'll be winning an item and right before the bid ends, someone outbids me. Hacks me off! I currently have a bid (the highest, so far) for Alise's birthday dress. It is smocked with a birthday cake and two candles and presents. It is too cute. I'll keep you posted on how those two turn out. Now...that's not to say that I am not shopping QVC anymore. I still go out there and "browse" everyday, but the packages have stopped coming. For that, Wayne is grateful!

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