Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alise did such a good job at gymnastics last night!! I was so proud of her! She actually even sat beside Ms. Sue Ann by herself and did all the stretching exercises before I let her in the ball pit. She NEVER does the exercises. Normally, I have to chase her around the gym while the other kids do them. She is so independent that sometimes she does better when I just give her some space. While she did her exercises, I sat across the room from her. Ms. Sue Ann gave her extra attention on the things that she couldn't do and I think she liked that. She is doing so well with her "skin the cat" on the bar. She can bring her feet all the way to the bar, but she still needs help to flip over. She's just doing so great! She got two stamps on her hand and she thought she was something else!

We had a great time this weekend at Brooklyn's birthday party! I was reminded how much Alise is growing up! She looked like such a big girl watching Brooklyn open her gifts and eating cake and ice cream. Where has the time gone? We've got "birthday party #2" this weekend. When I talked to Alise about it this morning, I asked her if she knew who's birthday party we would be going to and she still says "Kay Kay." Stay tuned for pictures from this coming weekend's party.

Alise got a surprise today. Wayne picked her up from school. I got caught up in spot checking the hospital's inventory this afternoon and since Wayne got off early, I asked him to pick up Alise. She likes it when her daddy picks her up! She had a big hug for me when I got home a little later tonight, though. She has got alot of new friends in her class. There are several new "babies" in her room. It makes me think that I'll be getting a call any day about moving Alise to the two year old room. I am just not ready for that!! I think Alise would go through serious "Ms. Sandy withdrawals." She says, "Sandy" all the way to school every morning.

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