Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well, I think I figured out what is making Alise so wired. It's her cough medicine. I noticed Sunday night--the night we didn't sleep--that when I gave her the medicine, she started acting hyper and was not the least bit sleeply (like Dr. Stanley said she would). I noticed it again yesterday afternoon when I picked Alise up from my mom's that she was acting "crazy" again. My mom had just given her another dose of the medicine. Today, when I picked her up from school, Ms. Kathy said that after she gave Alise her medicine at 11:45, she started doing flips during nap time. She didn't go down for a nap until 2:00 today! On the way home, I decided to call the pharmacist that filled the prescription on Saturday. Alise's medicine has a decongestant in it and the pharmacist said sometimes it hypes kids up instead of making them sleepy; it affects different kids different ways. Well, obviously, it affected her differently. Her coughing has subsided, it seems, so I don't think I'll call Dr. Stanley tomorrow like the pharmacist recommended that I do to maybe get another prescription (She said the medicine that we were on was some pretty powerful stuff).

I'm not going to call Dr. Stanley again, because I'm pretty sure that he and his nurse think that I have absolutely lost my mind! I have somehow managed to loose Alise's antibiotic. Yep, I gave it to her yesterday morning, I saw it laying on the kitchen counter last night, but I searched all over the house this morning and I couldn't find it anywhere! So, I had to leave a message with the nurse this morning to please call me in a three day dosage so that Alise could finish the medicine. I would loose my head if it wasn't screwed on right! OH, but let me tell ya this! Tonight, when I was giving Alise a bath, she precedes to first, fall backwards in the bathtub, getting her whole head wet and with no ear plugs. Then, she starts putting each ear in the water! I nearly had a heart attack! So, next week, Alise will have an ear infection, I'm sure. Ugh! It never ends!

Alise is in to everything!! It's starting to drive me crazy! Did I tell you about her dumping her vaporizer water all over the carpet in her bedroom yesterday morning while I was in the shower? Then, tonight, she just turns one of Wayne's can cokes upside down and gets coke all over the floor, recliner, and computer. She use to stay in the living room close to me and Wayne most of the time, but now, I've noticed that she'll play (or get into something) in her room or in the computer room. She has certainly become the curious one!

Aunt Donna called tonight and Alise got to talk to her on the phone. She didn't really say much because we were in our "winding down" mode. I have to tell you that earlier tonight, I was changing her diaper and I said, "Who stinks?" She said, "Donna!" Don't know where she got that from!

We're headed to Conway, Arkansas this weekend for Brooklyn's birthday. We're still not sure exactly when the birthday party will be (I'm not even going there...), but we'll probably spend the night with Nana & Papaw and get up early Saturday morning and head up for the trip.

Wayne and I have decided to get a portable DVD player for Alise this week, so I'll have it for this weekend. We borrowed one from our friends when we went to Alabama and Alise loved it. Heck, what am I saying? WE loved it! So, anyway, I think we're going to get the one we saw at Radio Shack this past weekend. It comes with a $30 mail in rebate. I tried to get Wayne to get a pink one, but he refuses.

Some of you have asked me about the Saints game. Notice there was no "color" in that word. All I have to say, is, I'm not going there....

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