Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I have to tell you what Ms. Beveryly, one of Alise's teachers, told me this afternoon when I picked up Alise from school. She told me that earlier this afternoon, Alise was sitting in a chair and she was holding a book like she was reading. Emma, one of her friends, was near by and Alise patted to the side of the seat like she wanted Emma to come sit beside her so she could read the book to her. Ms. Beverly said that it was so cute and Alise ended up sharing her book with Emma. She asked me if I read to Alise and I said all the time, that she loves books. Just another example of how my baby girl is growing up!

Chad came over to the house tonight and ate our leftovers. He got off work late and I was cleaning the kitchen. After I fixed Alise a plate for her lunch tomorrow, we let Chad have the rest of the chicken and rice. He was very grateful.

The watermelon smocked dress that I bought off Ebay came in today. It is absolutely precious! Alise is going to look like a little doll. Yes, I'm still Ebaying it. I'm losing two of the dresses I want really bad, but instead of pushing the price up, I'm holding out for one of those "last minute bids."

My mom and dad are keeping Alise Saturday night so Wayne and I can go out to eat for my birthday. She is going to spend the night with them and go to church with them on Sunday. This is the first time she's stayed with my mom and dad with us still being in town, so I think it's going to be really weird around our house Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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