Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2006

I got another compliment on my daughter today from her Sunday School teacher, Ms. Susan. Susan walked by the nursery door (I am in the Nursery during the S.S. hour) and said, "You must make Alise pick up her toys at home?" When I asked why, she said it was because Alise was such a "little helper" and she just loved having Alise in her class. That just made me smile!

How bout those SAINTS?!?! Who would have ever thought? Wayne and I enjoyed watching the game last night, but if you know anything about the Saints' history, then you know why we were holding our breath for the last five minutes of the game! There is an old joke that goes something like this: "The Saints can be twenty points ahead, have three minutes left in the game and still loose!" Actually, I think it's happened before. Right now, we're skipping our Sunday afternoon nap and we are watching the Seahawks and Chicago game. I'm pulling for the Seahawks and my new hero, Shaun Alexander. That's another story that I'll have to tell you about later. If the Seahawks win, then they will play the Saints at home next weekend. For those of you that remember what a big Tennessee Titans fan that I use to be, you will be happy to know that after not watching a single Titans game this whole year, I did watch Steve McNair yesterday loose against the Colts. It just wasn't the same. I decided to retire my Titans sweatshirt this season. Things change when you have a baby. But I will tell you this. I get really sad after the end of football season every year. It usually starts around the first of December after all of our local high school teams end their seasons. I didn't notice it that much this year because I was so busy with all the Christmas activities. The sadness continues after all the college bowls are finished and then even though I get really excited about the Super Bowl, I'm sad because the professional season is over. I'm like, what else is there to watch on TV? Now, for the next eight months, it will be stupid stuff like tennis and golf. Wayne and I got into Nascar for a while a few years ago, but that kinda waned last year, too. Right along with my beloved Tennessee Titans.

I got my new Kraft foods magazine in the mail. Some of those recipes look so easy and sound so good. I can't wait to try one of them. If you would like to get a subscription to this magazine, go to and sign up. The magazine is free. I like those kinds!

Wayne did a great thing for me today, he took Alise and a grocery list and went to the store. I normally wouldn't trust him to do something like that, only because before, he would come home with alot of extra junk. But he did really good! There were only two things he couldn't find on the list and we certainly won't starve without them.

I lost another dress today on Ebay. I lost this one by 50 cents, but I'm not complaining too bad. The bid expired while I was at church. I took some pictures of some of Alise's clothes and Wayne said he would upload them to Ebay tonight after Alise goes to bed. It would be great if I could make enough money to cover the cost of the dresses I'm buying. We'll see.

Have a good week!

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