Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Monday, January 2, 2007

Okay....I'm still trying to load the pictures and it's still not working. The site is so slow that I can't even get in to sign on. With this pace, it may be next week before I can get the pictures loaded.
Today was much better for me than I expected. My staff accountant may actually be paying off. She seems to be catching on rather well and I can't tell you how happy I was to send some work her way and get it off my plate! However, I don't think Wayne had as good a day. First of all, I think I accidently shut the alarm off some time during the night and he woke up late (but I think he still made it to work on time). When he got to work, he found out that they had cut a route and he had over 100 stops!! He was not happy! What a way to say, "Welcome back!" He just called and said he's on his way home. Looks like he won't be home until around 8:30 and he missed seeing his Baby Girl today.
Speaking of Baby Girl, she is just precious. If any of you have ever seen Chondra Pierce in concert, you know how she says, "That's so precious" in that twang she's got going on. Well, Alise is "just precious'!! Today I dressed her in a dress that I call a sweater snow dress. It was a dress that looked like a sweater and it was about the color of this font with pink and red and yellow and green designs. Wayne and I got it at the Gap when we were in Atlanta a few months ago and until today, she had never worn it. She looked so cute in her dress, white tights, and red shoes! I didn't realize the sweater was lined and I thought she might get too hot at school, so I carried an extra dress and stuck it in her cubby just in case. But much to my surprise, she still had the dress on when I picker her up. When I walked into her room, she was wimpering and screaming, "Moma! Moma!" She must have seen me in the window and was still watching for me outside. I snuck up behind her and she just smiled! It made my day!
Speaking of dresses, Baby Girl has got some clothes to wear!! I went through her closet the other night and she's got clothes with the tags still on them that she hasn't worn! I should be ashamed. So, for the next three weeks, I think we've got a new outfit to wear to school.
Speaking of dresses, too, I have bidded on two dresses on Ebay. There is another that I am "watching." I don't do much Ebay shopping, but you just can't beat the deal I'm getting (as of right now) for these smocked Rosalina dresses!! I mean, those things go for $60 to $80 in the store. One I am bidding on is a white and purple gingham dress with white bunnies smocked at the top. She can wear that for Easter, to church and school. That one's going for about $21 right now. The other is a little peach dress with giraffes smocked on the top. I think that one's going for about the same. But the dress I'm "watching" right now is a smocked birthday dress that has cakes at the top with "two candles." Yes, I'm already thinking about the birthday! More on that another day!

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